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A new version of the AM application manager for AppImage is available. AM is an application manager that is inspired by AUR and serves as an AppImage manager, installer, and updater. It currently contains over 1800 AppImage packages and official standalone applications for GNU/Linux, which are derived from tar and zip archives.

"AM" 6.0.4

Various little improvements:

  • option "--rollback"
    • starting it, the first thing it will check is whether an app already has an AM-rollback script;
    • adapted the steps for use with the new AM-updaters of the new scripts available from  v6.0.3.
  • option "-i" or "install"
    • removed a redundancy in the code;
    • from now, the installation of ffwa-* scripts (for Firefox profiles) will work with at least one of "firefox" references installed and available in $PATH i.e. firefox, firefox-esr/dev/nightly/appimage... etcetera. All depends on what you have installed, but must contain "firefox" in the name (in alphabetical order, "firefox" installed system-wide will be preferred).
  • option "-a" or "about"
    • removed multiple black lines from messages;
    • fix error messages from other options by removing what the option creates after the use.
  • option "-t" or "template"
    • archives, automatically uses an extraction method based on the format. Manually specify only the location of extracted items in ./tmp.
  • option "-u" or "update"
    • users who are new to the "apikey" option but have already installed apps from github will have the patch in supported AM-updaters.
  • improved some installation scripts, with particular attention to WINE;
  • from now it is also available a;
  • the database has well exceeded the threshold of 1900 installation scripts for the x86_64 architecture.

Release "AM" 6.0.4 · ivan-hc/AM