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A new version of the AM application manager for AppImage is available. AM is an application manager that is inspired by AUR and serves as an AppImage manager, installer, and updater. It currently contains over 1800 AppImage packages and official standalone applications for GNU/Linux, which are derived from tar and zip archives.

"AM" 5.8.2

New in 5.8.1

Removed the option dev or devmode in favour of a new and more efficient approach.

Use the option --debug while installing applications, like this:

am -i --debug [PROGRAM1] [PROGRAM2] [PROGRAM3] ...

it can be used with the option --force-latest, like this:

am -i --debug --force-latest [PROGRAM1] [PROGRAM2] [PROGRAM3] ...

Results are better than the removed option.

New in 5.8.2

Removed the option test, now you can test/install your script directly with the option -i or install, like this:

am -i /path/to/script1 /path/to/script/2 ...

Release "AM" 5.8.2 · ivan-hc/AM