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AlmaLinux OS 9.0

This week I wanted to take a moment to talk about Red Hat's new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0. Hidden among the buzz words and marketing hype ("Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is designed to drive enterprise transformation in parallel with evolving market forces and customer demands in an automated and distributed IT world,") there were a few key elements which caught my attention. For instance, this is the first version of RHEL which was built from CentOS Stream and I was curious to see if there were any benefits or drawbacks to the new development flow.

Originally I was going to download and test RHEL 9.0 itself, but the combination of digging through the Red Hat website looking for the proper download and the hassle of registering a fresh install was unappealing. Since AlmaLinux OS 9.0, a 1:1 compatible clone, was released within eight days of Red Hat's upstream offering I decided to just take AlmaLinux for a spin since the project doesn't put up any barriers to downloading and installing its distribution.

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