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ALG, formerly known as Arch Linux GUI, has just released three new "pure edition" beta ISO images. It is an offline, quick graphical installer for Arch Linux.


Arch Linux GUI #1


  • Follows Arch's KISS philosophy
  • Calamares Installer Makes it easier to Install
  • Easy to Multiboot with Windows/Other Linux Distros in both Legcay or UEFI boot modes.
  • Internet Support for both Wired and Wireless networks

Pure Editions

(User Level: Intermediate, some experience with Linux, used some Linux Distro before)
The pure editions can be found below the themed editions. They have "pure", in their name. They are basically stock desktop environments. Some general Linux knowledge is always helpful to navigate around these editions. They are meant for users who have **some** Linux experience on other Linux Distributions and now want to migrate to Arch Linux.

These editions are also for those who would like to customize their desktops according to their own needs. These editions hence would require certain efforts to get started. They do not come with any extra application. What applications and settings are to be applied is completely up to the users and I do not make any decision in that. Hence this is the purest form of Vanilla Arch Linux. Something the users would expect after installing their desktops via the regular command line installer.

The pure editions come with these software preinstalled:

* File Browser
* Text Editor
* Terminal Emulator
* Screenshot utility

The user has the FREEDOM and LIBERTY to choose all other software or themes they would like to install and use. This is YOUR personnel setup and the project just provided you with the base system. No BLOAT.


The ALG project is distributed FREE OF COST, under the GNU GPLv3 License. You must agree to the terms and conditions of GPLv3.

Arch Linux GUI

Download alg-gnome-pure-2023.06-x86_64.iso

Download alg-plasma-pure-2023.06-x86_64.iso

Download alg-xfce-pure-2023.06-x86_64.iso