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Alexandria 0.6.0 has just been released.

Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book
collection. You can get more information (screenshots, features, download links, packages...) on its web site:

The two major points of this release are full Z39.50 support and a complete Docbook manual (with integration to the GNOME help system).

A native MacOS X version (based on Cocoa) is currently being developed and the sources are available in this tarball, but there is no official release of this version yet because the code is still very alpha.

All details about this release are following. Enjoy!

New features:
* Z39.50 support, with the possibility to manage your own sources ;
* New book information providers: Internet Bookshop Italia, US Library of
Congress and British Library ;
* Complete manual (in English only), available either from the GNOME help
application and Alexandria itself (via Help buttons) ;
* Autocompletion is available in all fields of the Add Manually Book and
Book Properties dialogs ;
* Add a heart emblem to covers of books that have a 5 rating ;
* Support for American UPC barcodes ;
* Display covers in the search results of the Add Book dialog ;
* Added a 'Match everything' filtering option ;
* New icons ;
* More ONIX compliance.

Bugs fixed:
* Loading the model is now a bit faster ;
* Fixed a Proxis bug that was returning all editions of a book from an ISBN
search ;
* Labels in alert dialogs are now selectable ;
* Improved the wording of the status bar text ;
* Ignore CVS directories when looking for themes ;
* Ignore whitespace characters when extracting numbers for ISBN/EAN/... ;
* In the HTLM export, create the directory if it does not exist yet ;
* In the ONIX export, do not write ProductWebsite elements for providers
that return nil URLs ;
* Handle low-case 'x' when validating ISBN/EAN/... ;
* In the ISBN-list text file import, iterate on the progress bar when
downloading covers ;
* In the ISBN-list text file import, start importing if there is at least one
valid ISBN in the file ;
* Added a backward compatibility hack to upgrade the old developer token
to a new valid one ;
* Resize all icons in the icon view to have the same height (and not the same
width as before) ;
* Handle GConf default values by ourself when the GConf client returns nil
values, this should fix all issues related to the installation of GConf
schemas ;
* Disable the 'View Online Information' actions if the according providers
do not provide a URL for the selected book.

Added translations:
* Jiri Pejchal <> (cs) ;
* Ligia Moreira <> (pt) ;
* Lucas Rocha <> (pt_BR).

Updated translations:
* David Weinehall <> (sv) ;
* Joachim Breitner <> (de) ;
* Laurent Sansonetti <> (fr) ;
* Masao Mutoh <> (ja) ;
* Miguel Ángel García (es) ;
* Mirko Maischberger <> (it).