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NEW YORK, NY - March 3, 2004 - AdRem Software, provider of network management solutions, today announced that its AdRem sfConsole 5.0 security solution can be used to remotely access the Novell NetWare server console from machines running the latest version of LINUX SUSE 9. The sfConsole Linux client currently supports all the most popular Linux distributions.

AdRem sfConsole is an administrative solution widely deployed in medium and large NetWare environments where security, server accountability and administrator efficiency are of strategic importance. The program allows administrators to reduce the exposure of the NetWare server console by ensuring a tight integration of remote and local console security. AdRem's solution forces remote users to authenticate to NDS/eDirectory and restricts user access rights to specific console resources such as commands and screens. For added remote and local security, AdRem sfConsole delivers best-in-class encryption, console activity auditing, proxy for console access from behind the firewall, a password-protected screensaver, and auto-locking.

AdRem sfConsole's support for the latest version of Linux SUSE extends NetWare administrators' options for remote operation on the server console that does not compromise security. Currently, AdRem sfConsole can be used to access the NetWare console from a Windows workstation with a Novell client installed, from a Web browser, from the NetWare Remote Manager, and from Linux machines with the X Windows System installed. In case of eDirectory inaccessibility, users can connect to the console and transfer files using the emergency connection feature. Unlike other consoles in the market, AdRem sfConsole is protocol-independent and supports a wide range of NetWare versions including NetWare 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x.

Pricing, licensing, and availability
The AdRem sfConsole security solution is available from The program is licensed on a per server basis. Prices start from $256 per server. Volume, educational, and government discounts are available.

About AdRem Software
AdRem Software provides rapidly-deployable software solutions for monitoring, managing, troubleshooting, and securing enterprise networks. The company's products target mid-size businesses that seek more efficient and integrated alternatives to point solutions without the prohibitive costs traditionally associated with network management platforms.

AdRem Software was founded in 1998 as a privately held corporation. The company serves a diverse global customer base including enterprises from a wide range of industries, government and public sector institutions, non-profit organizations, and educational establishments. AdRem's solutions are deployed on over 400,000 servers worldwide and are sold through the corporate online store, resellers, distributors, and system integrators in more than 50 countries.