Compatibility Reports for uTorrent

Reported by Anonymous

Operating system
Ubuntu Linux

This is available in Windows and Mac-versions only, so you need to run it under Wine, but it works nigh flawlessly like that.

The only problems I have found:

Sometimes the trackers get overloaded and locks down the torrent-stream with constant, neverending updates to all the trackers. This can be overcome by stopping most of the torrents running, allowing the remaining to resolve the update lock, then restarting the torrents one by one, or closing and relaunching uTorrent.

The last option, however, brings about another problem. At least Ubuntu locks down the port used to listen on for some time, so when relaunching uTorrent, you need to change listening port. I have found that opening a range of ports in the router for this is an easy workaround, although it may be somewhat of a security hole.

The last problem is the network indicator. It will not change to green (network is 100% OK) unless you minimize it to task tray and open it again.

These are very minor problems, easily overcome, and does not make it unusable for users of Linux (at least not Ubuntu).

This is uTorrent 1.8.1 build 12639 on Ubuntu 8.10 with Wine 1.0.1