Compatibility Reports for RocketRAID 230x 4 port Sata-II pci-e controller rev 02

Reported by Anonymous

Operating system
Linux other

The controller has been running fine on my OpenFiler file server for five months now without any issues at all. Installation is simply plugin - there is kernel support.

However (from the syslog):
sata_mv: Highpoint RocketRAID BIOS CORRUPTS DATA on all attached drives, regardless of if/how they are configured. BEWARE!
sata_mv: For data safety, do not use sectors 8-9 on "Legacy" drives, and avoid the final two gigabytes on all RocketRAID BIOS initialized drives.

These issues are easy to circumvent by simply not using the RocketRAID BIOS. Especially, don't initialize the drives there! Just let Linux discover them and use them as is or with Linux software raid. I'm using software RAID5 with LVM on top to be able to seamlessly add another RAID5 set when I grow out of storage. The 230x will be a candidate for that if there still are no non-raid 4-port controllers when I get to that point in time.

I deduct two stars for the following reasons:
1 Having to pay for Windows fake-raid drivers (I don't think there is any raid hardware?) and
2 the scary corruption warnings.