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Alexandre Julliard announced the release of Wine Development Release 9.12. This version adds support for user32 data structures in shared memory, updates the Mono engine to 9.2.0, rewrites the CMD.EXE engine, and addresses async I/O status in WoW64 mode.

Wine release 9.12

The Wine development release 9.12 is now available.

What's new in this release:
- Initial support for user32 data structures in shared memory.
- Mono engine updated to version 9.2.0.
- Rewrite of the CMD.EXE engine.
- Fixed handling of async I/O status in new WoW64 mode.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available at (

Binary packages for various distributions will be available
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You will find documentation on (

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.
See the file [AUTHORS][1] for the complete list.



### Bugs fixed in 9.12 (total 24):

- #43337 Conditional command with parentheses not working.
- #44063 Parentheses cause cmd.exe failing to recognize '2>&1'
- #47071 Nest or mixed "FOR" and "IF" command sometimes get different result in Wine and Windows.
- #47798 Incorrect substring result using enableDelayedExpansion
- #49993 CUERipper 2.1.x does not work with Wine-Mono
- #50723 Can't recognize ... as an internal or external command, or batch script
- #52344 Can't substitute variables as a command
- #52879 ESET SysInspector crashes on unimplemented function wevtapi.dll.EvtCreateRenderContext
- #53190 cmd.exe incorrectly parses a line with nested if commands
- #54935 Rewrite (VN): black screen videos with WMP backend and gstreamer
- #55947 Serial port event waits should use async I/O
- #56189 quartz:vmr7 - test_default_presenter_allocate() fails on Windows 7
- #56389 Assassin's Creed & Assassin's Creed: Revelations do not run under new WoW64
- #56698 SuddenStrike 3 crashes when opening the intro movie
- #56763 Firefox 126.0.1 crashes on startup
- #56769 Death to Spies: intro videos have audio only but no video
- #56771 Receiving mail in BeckyInternetMail freezes
- #56827 Window borders disappear
- #56836 Assassin's Creed III stuck on loading screen (Vulkan renderer)
- #56838 FL Studio 21 gui problem
- #56839 App packager from Windows SDK (MakeAppx.exe) 'pack' command crashes due to unimplemented functions in ntdll.dll
- #56840 Apps don't launch with wayland driver
- #56841 virtual desktop "explorer.exe /desktop=shell,1920x1080" broken
- #56871 The 32-bit wpcap program is working abnormally

### Changes since 9.11:
Aida Jonikienė (1):
ntdll: Fix params_mask type in NtRaiseHardError().

Alex Henrie (6):
ntdll: Fix multi-string callbacks in RtlQueryRegistryValues.
ntdll: Double-null-terminate multi-strings when using RTL_QUERY_REGISTRY_DIRECT.
ntdll: Fix handling of non-string types with RTL_QUERY_REGISTRY_DIRECT.
ntdll: Don't write partial strings with RTL_QUERY_REGISTRY_DIRECT.
ntdll: Fix type and size of expanded strings in RtlQueryRegistryValues.
ntdll: Don't special-case default values in RtlQueryRegistryValues.

Alexandre Julliard (28):
ntdll/tests: Add test for cross-process notifications on ARM64EC.
kernel32/tests: Add some tests for WriteProcessMemory/NtWriteVirtualMemory.
kernelbase: Make memory writable in WriteProcessMemory if necessary.
kernelbase: Send cross process notifications in WriteProcessMemory on ARM64.
kernelbase: Send cross process notifications in FlushInstructionCache on ARM64.
kernelbase: Don't use WRITECOPY protection on anonymous mappings.
ntdll: Add helper macros to define syscalls on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Send cross-process notification in memory functions on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Fix the fake 32-bit %cs value on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Don't set the TEB ExceptionList to -1 on 64-bit.
ntdll: Simplify preloader execution using HAVE_WINE_PRELOADER.
ntdll: Export a proper function for RtlGetNativeSystemInformation.
ntdll: Move RtlIsProcessorFeaturePresent implementation to the CPU backends.
ntdll: Move the IP string conversion functions to rtlstr.c.
makedep: Add a helper to get a root-relative directory path.
makefiles: Hardcode the fonts directory.
makefiles: Hardcode the nls directory.
makefiles: Hardcode the dll directory.
makefiles: Generate rules to build makedep.
tools: Add helper functions to get the standard directories.
ntdll: Build relative paths at run-time instead of depending on makedep.
loader: Build relative paths at run-time instead of depending on makedep.
server: Build relative paths at run-time instead of depending on makedep.
makefiles: No longer ignore makedep.c.
configure: Disable non-PE import libraries if compiler support is missing.
makedep: Remove the -R option.
makedep: Generate rules for make depend.
makedep: Generate a compile_commands.json file.

Alexandros Frantzis (5):
opengl32: Add default implementation for wglGetPixelFormatAttribivARB.
opengl32: Add default implementation for wglGetPixelFormatAttribfvARB.
winex11: Update describe_pixel_format coding style.
winex11: Pass wgl_pixel_format to describe_pixel_format.
winex11: Use default wglGetPixelFormatAttribivARB implementation.

Alfred Agrell (10):
quartz: Implement AMT/WMT differences for WMV media type.
winegstreamer: Implement AM_MEDIA_TYPE to wg_format converter for Cinepak video.
winegstreamer: Make AVI splitter use end of previous frame if the current frame doesn't have a timestamp.
quartz/tests: Add Cinepak test to avi splitter.
iccvid: Reject unsupported output types.
msvfw32/tests: Test that Cinepak rejects unsupported output types.
quartz: Allow concurrent calls to AVI decoder qc_Notify and Receive.
quartz/tests: Test that avi_decompressor_source_qc_Notify does not deadlock if called from a foreign thread during IMemInput_Receive.
winegstreamer: Recalculate alignment and bytes per second, instead of copying from input.
mf/tests: Clobber the alignment and bytes per second, to test if the DMO fixes it.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (11):
oledb32: Support multiple values when parsing the property Mode.
oledb32: When creating a Data Source, handle non fatal errors.
msado15: Use the correct version when loading the typelib.
odbccp32: Look at the Setup key to find the driver of ODBC config functions.
odbccp32: SQLConfigDataSource/W fix crash with passed NULL attribute parameter.
msado15: Implement _Recordset get/put CacheSize.
msado15: Implement _Recordset get/put MaxRecords.
msado15: Support interface ADOCommandConstruction in _Command.
msado15: Implement _Command::get_Parameters.
msado15: Implement Parameters interface.
msado15: Implement _Command::CreateParameter.

Arkadiusz Hiler (2):
bcp47langs: Add stub dll.
apisetschema: Add api-ms-win-appmodel-runtime-internal-l1-1-1.

Aurimas Fišeras (3):
po: Update Lithuanian translation.
po: Update Lithuanian translation.
po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Biswapriyo Nath (6):
include: Add Windows.Graphics.Capture.IGraphicsCaptureSession2 definition.
include: Add Windows.Graphics.Capture.IGraphicsCaptureSession3 definition.
include: Add file.
include: Add Windows.Graphics.Capture.GraphicsCaptureItem runtimeclass.
include: Add Windows.Graphics.Capture.Direct3D11CaptureFrame runtimeclass.
include: Add Windows.Graphics.Capture.Direct3D11CaptureFramePool runtimeclass.

Brendan McGrath (3):
mf/tests: Add additional tests for MESessionClosed event.
mf: Handle MediaSession Close when state is SESSION_STATE_RESTARTING_SOURCES.
mf: Handle an error during Media Session Close.

Brendan Shanks (9):
dbghelp: Add ARM/ARM64 machine types for Mach-O.
ntdll: Make __wine_syscall_dispatcher_return a separate function to fix Xcode 16 build errors.
configure: Don't build wineloader on macOS with '-pie'.
configure: Remove warning when not using preloader on macOS.
configure: Rename wine_can_build_preloader to wine_use_preloader, and also use it for Linux.
configure: Define HAVE_WINE_PRELOADER when the preloader is being built.
loader: Use zerofill sections instead of preloader on macOS when building with Xcode 15.3.
winemac.drv: Fix warning in [WineWindow grabDockIconSnapshotFromWindow:force:].
winemac.drv: Fix warning in [WineContentView viewWillDraw].

Connor McAdams (8):
d3dx9/tests: Add tests for the source info argument of D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx().
d3dx9/tests: Add more tests for loading files with multiple mip levels into textures.
d3dx9: Refactor texture creation and cleanup in D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx().
d3dx9: Use d3dx_image structure inside of D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx().
d3dx9: Use struct volume inside of struct d3dx_image for storing dimensions.
d3dx9: Add support for specifying a starting mip level when initializing a d3dx_image structure.
d3dx9: Cleanup texture value argument handling in D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx().
d3dx9: Add support for specifying which mip level to get pixel data from to d3dx_image_get_pixels().

Daniel Lehman (3):
odbc32: Handle both directions for SQLBindParameter().
odbc32: Numeric attribute pointer may be null if not a numeric type in SQLColAttribute().
odbc32: StrLen_or_Ind passed to SQLBindCol can be NULL.

Danyil Blyschak (1):
gdi32/uniscribe: Ensure the cache is initialised.

Davide Beatrici (7):
mmdevapi: Set the default period to a minimum of 10 ms.
winepulse: Don't set a floor for the period(s).
mmdevapi: Return errors early in adjust_timing().
mmdevapi: Introduce helper stream_init().
mmdevapi: Complete IAudioClient3_InitializeSharedAudioStream.
mmdevapi: Complete IAudioClient3_GetSharedModeEnginePeriod.
mmdevapi: Implement IAudioClient3_GetCurrentSharedModeEnginePeriod.

Elizabeth Figura (41):
server: Check for an existing serial wait ioctl within the ioctl handler.
server: Directly wake up wait asyncs when the serial mask changes.
ntdll/tests: Use NtReadFile to test WoW64 IOSB handling.
ntdll/tests: Test IOSB handling for a synchronous write which cannot be satisfied immediately.
ntdll/tests: Test IOSB handling with NtFlushBuffersFile.
maintainers: Remove myself as a winegstreamer maintainer.
ntdll: Remove the redundant filling of the IOSB in NtDeviceIoControlFile().
ntdll: Do not fill the IOSB or signal completion on failure in cdrom_DeviceIoControl().
ntdll: Do not fill the IOSB or signal completion on failure in serial_DeviceIoControl().
ntdll: Do not fill the IOSB or signal completion on failure in tape_DeviceIoControl().
ntdll: Do not fill the IOSB in NtFsControlFile() on failure.
ntdll: Do not queue an IOCP packet in complete_async() if an APC routine is specified.
ntdll: Move complete_async() to file.c and use it in NtWriteFileGather().
ntdll: Use file_complete_async() in tape_DeviceIoControl().
ntdll: Use file_complete_async() in cdrom_DeviceIoControl().
ntdll: Use file_complete_async() in serial_DeviceIoControl().
ntdll: Use file_complete_async() in NtFsControlFile().
quartz/tests: Handle the case where ddraw returns system memory.
ntdll: Do not set io->Status at the end of sock_ioctl().
ntdll: Factor filling the IOSB into set_async_direct_result().
ntdll: Move set_async_direct_result() to file.c.
widl: Do not allow "lu" as an integer suffix.
widl: Store the hexadecimal flag inside of the expr_t union.
widl: Use struct integer for the aNUM and aHEXNUM tokens.
widl: Respect u and l modifiers in expressions.
quartz/tests: Test IVMRWindowlessControl::GetNativeWindowSize() on the default presenter.
quartz: Implement IVMRWindowlessControl::GetNativeVideoSize().
wined3d: Precompute direction and position in wined3d_light_state_set_light().
wined3d: Pass the primary stateblock to wined3d_device_process_vertices().
wined3d: Use the primary stateblock state in wined3d_device_process_vertices() where possible.
wined3d: Pass the constant update mask to wined3d_device_context_push_constants().
wined3d: Feed WINED3D_TSS_CONSTANT through a push constant buffer.
wined3d: Feed WINED3D_RS_TEXTUREFACTOR through a push constant buffer.
ntdll: Introduce a sync_ioctl() helper.
ntdll: Handle WoW64 file handles in sync_ioctl().
ntdll: Always fill the 32-bit iosb for overlapped handles, for server I/O.
ntdll: Always fill the 32-bit iosb for overlapped handles, in file_complete_async().
ntdll: Always fill the 32-bit iosb for overlapped handles, in set_async_direct_result().
ntdll: Always fill the 32-bit iosb for overlapped handles, for regular read/write.
wined3d: Recheck whether a query is active after wined3d_context_vk_get_command_buffer().
wined3d: Implement wined3d_check_device_format_conversion().

Eric Pouech (36):
cmd: Add more tests about FOR loops.
cmd: Introduce helpers to handle FOR variables.
cmd: Introduce helpers to save and restore FOR loop contexts.
cmd: Enable '%0' through '%9' as valid FOR loop variables.
cmd: Introduce helpers to handle directory walk.
cmd: Split parsing from executing FOR loops for numbers (/L).
cmd: Fix delay expansion in FOR /L loops.
cmd: Split parsing from executing FOR loops for filesets (/F).
cmd: Fix delay expansion in FOR loop for filesets.
cmd: Split parsing from executing FOR loops for file walking.
cmd: Fix delayed expansion in FOR loop on file sets.
cmd: Remove old FOR loop related code.
cmd: Test input has been read before using it.
cmd: Introduce token-based syntax parser for building command nodes.
cmd: Use kernel32's error codes instead of literals.
cmd: Introduce return code to indicate abort of current instruction.
cmd/tests: Add tests for delayed substitution in IF command.
cmd: Expand delayed variables in IF operands.
cmd: Factorize code for reading a new line for parser.
cmd: Remove unrelated parameter to WCMD_show_prompt.
cmd: Move prompt handling into line reading.
cmd: Fix a couple of issues wrt. variable expansion.
cmd: Move depth count inside builder.
cmd: Add more tests about CALL and variable expansion.
cmd: Fix a couple of expansions issues.
cmd: Let redirections be handled by node instead of command.
cmd: Move code around to avoid forward declaration.
cmd: Let token errors be tranlatable.
cmd: Migrate IF/FOR instructions inside CMD_NODE.
cmd: Support help for IF and FOR commands.
cmd: Return sub-block return code for IF and FOR.
cmd: Use precedence in command chaining.
cmd: Add success/failure return code tests for CALL command.
cmd: Set success/failure return code for ECHO command.
cmd: Set success/failure return code for CALL command.
cmd: Implement semantic for chaining in ||, | and && operators.

Esme Povirk (2):
user32/tests: Fix spurious "Failed sequence" reports on Windows.
mscoree: Update Wine Mono to 9.2.0.

Fabian Maurer (1):
wow64: In wow64_NtSetInformationToken forward TokenIntegrityLevel.

Giovanni Mascellani (6):
wined3d: Compile the clear compute shaders at runtime.
d3d11/tests: Check the result of compiling HLSL shaders.
d3d11/tests: Check for NV12 texture support before testing them.
d3d11/tests: Do not check pitches.
d3d11/tests: Test NV12 textures without render target.
d3d11/tests: Test UpdateSubresource() for NV12 textures.

Hans Leidekker (2):
odbc32: Rebind parameters when the result length array is resized.
wpcap: Handle different layout of the native packet header structure on 32-bit.

Ilia Docin (2):
sane.ds: Add SANE option settable flag support.
sane.ds: Improve color mode and paper source detection.

Jacek Caban (12):
mshtml: Introduce IWineJSDispatchHost interface.
mshtml: Rename builtin function helpers.
mshtml: Add support for using call on builtin function objects.
mshtml: Add support for using apply on builtin function objects.
jscript: Fix PROP_DELETED handling in delete_prop.
jscript: Use designated initializers for builtin_info_t.
jscript: Use to_disp in a few more places.
jscript: Introduce to_jsdispex.
jscript: Consistently use jsdisp_addref and jsdisp_release.
jscript: Use default destructor for array objects.
jscript: Use default destructor for Object instances.
jscript: Always free jsdisp_t in jsdisp_free.

Marc-Aurel Zent (7):
winemac.drv: Handle length of dead keycodes in ToUnicodeEx correctly.
winemac.drv: Do not append " dead" to dead keycodes in GetKeyNameText.
winemac.drv: Uppercase single keys in GetKeyNameText.
winemac.drv: Use UCCompareText in char_matches_string.
winemac.drv: Resolve symbol vkeys first without modifiers.
winemac.drv: Add additional German symbol vkeys.
winemac.drv: Give dead keys a friendly name in GetKeyNameText.

Paul Gofman (8):
mmdevapi: Store device_name as a pointer in struct audio_client.
mmdevapi: Adjust timing after main loop start in client_Initialize().
winepulse.drv: Factor out wait_pa_operation_complete().
winepulse.drv: Implement pulse_get_loopback_capture_device().
mmdevapi/tests: Add test for capturing render loopback.
ddraw/tests: Add tests for preserving d3d state during primary surface creation.
ddraw: Preserve d3d device state in ddraw_surface_create().

Piotr Caban (3):
kernelbase: Add GetFileMUIInfo implementation.
kernel32/tests: Add GetFileMUIInfo tests.
kernel32/tests: Test GetFileMUIInfo on language resource file.

Rémi Bernon (59):
winewayland: Avoid crashing when the dummy window surface is used.
win32u: Avoid setting the SWP_NOSIZE flag on the initial WM_DISPLAYCHANGE.
win32u: Fix a deadlock when locking the same surface on different DCs.
dwrite/tests: Ignore macOS specific "flip" sbix format.
kernel32/tests: Break debugger loop on unexpected result.
win32u: Use the vulkan functions directly from d3dkmt.
winex11: Don't use the vulkan driver interface for xrandr.
server: Create a global session shared mapping.
include: Add ReadNoFence64 inline helpers.
server: Allocate shared session object for desktops.
server: Return the desktop object locator in (get|set)_thread_desktop.
win32u: Open the desktop shared object in NtUserSetThreadDesktop.
server: Move the cursor position to the desktop session object.
server: Move the last cursor time to the desktop session object.
win32u: Use the desktop shared data for GetCursorPos.
win32u: Remove now unused vulkan_funcs in d3dkmt.c.
winex11: Create a global vulkan instance for xrandr.
include: Add a couple of CRT function declarations.
include: Define frexpf as inline function in more cases.
server: Mark block as writable in mark_block_uninitialized.
server: Store the cursor clip rect in the shared data.
server: Get rid of the global cursor structure.
win32u: Use the shared memory for get_clip_cursor.
server: Use a separate variable to determine the message on Alt release.
server: Use separate functions to update the desktop and input keystates.
server: Move the desktop keystate to shared memory.
win32u: Use the shared data if possible for NtUserGetAsyncKeyState.
winex11: Move window surface creation functions to bitblt.c.
winemac: Move window surface creation functions to surface.c.
winewayland: Move window surface creation functions to window_surface.c.
winemac: Remove unused macdrv_get_surface_display_image copy_data parameter.
winemac: Create a provider for the surface and a HBITMAP wrapping it.
winemac: Create window surface CGImageRef on surface flush.
winemac: Push window surface image updates to the main thread.
winemac: Remove now unnecessary cocoa window surface pointer.
winemac: Remove unnecessary surface_clip_to_visible_rect.
server: Create a thread message queue shared mapping.
server: Keep a reference on the desktop the hook are registered for.
server: Move hooks struct initialization within add_hook.
server: Update the active hooks bitmaps when hooks are added / removed.
win32u: Read the active hooks count from the shared memory.
win32u: Remove now unnecessary thread info active_hooks cache.
server: Remove now unnecessary active_hooks from replies.
winex11: Only clip huge surfaces to the virtual screen rect.
wineandroid: Only clip huge surfaces to the virtual screen rect.
winemac: Clip huge surfaces to the virtual screen rect.
winewayland: Clip huge window surfaces to the virtual screen rect.
win32u: Move the surface rect computation out of the drivers.
win32u: Use the previous surface as default surface when compatible.
win32u: Use the default window surface when window is not visible.
win32u: Move layered surface attributes to the window_surface struct.
win32u: Introduce a new helper to update layered window surface attributes.
win32u: Pass BITMAPINFO and color bits to window surface flush.
win32u: Introduce a new helper to get surface color info and bits.
win32u: Get rid of the unnecessary offscreen window surface struct.
winemac: Remove now unnecessary driver surface BITMAPINFO.
wineandroid: Remove now unnecessary window surface BITMAPINFO.
winewayland: Remove now unnecessary window surface BITMAPINFO.
winex11: Remove now unnecessary window surface BITMAPINFO.

Santino Mazza (3):
mshtml/tests: Test for IMarkupServices.
mshtml: Implement MarkupServices_CreateMarkupContainer.
mshtml: Implement MarkupServices_ParseString.

Torge Matthies (4):
winegstreamer: Fix race between wg_parser_stream_en/disable and GST_EVENT_FLUSH_START/STOP.
winegstreamer: Don't only accept segment events when streams are enabled.
winegstreamer: Ignore an assert in wg_parser.
winegstreamer: Handle Gstreamer pipeline flushes gracefully in the media source.

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (4):
ntdll: Fix RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplaying function parameters.
ntdll: Add stub RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplayingAvl function.
ntdll: Add stub RtlNumberGenericTableElementsAvl function.
wevtapi: Add stub EvtCreateRenderContext().

Zhiyi Zhang (9):
profapi: Add stub dll.
kernel32: Add AppPolicyGetWindowingModel().
rometadata: Add initial dll.
include: Add some definitions.
include: Add some windows.system definitions.
include: Add windows.devices.input.idl.
include: Add windows.ui.input.idl.
include: Add some windows.ui.core definitions.
include: Add some windows.applicationmodel definitions.

Ziqing Hui (8):
mf/tests: Add tests for H264 encoder types.
winegstreamer: Implement stubs for h264 encoder.
winegstreamer/aac_decoder: Support clearing media types.
winegstreamer/color_converter: Support clearing media types.
mf/tests: Add more tests for h264 encoder type attributes.
winegstreamer/video_encoder: Implement GetOutputAvailableType.
winegstreamer/video_encoder: Implement SetOutputType.
winegstreamer/video_encoder: Implement GetOutputCurrentType.