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The Wine development release 1.7.35 is now available

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Beginnings of support for OpenGL core contexts.
- Initial support for glyph placement in DirectWrite.
- Some more WBEM objects.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 1.7.35 (total 56):

4374 Multiplayer crashes Heroes 4
4409 Screen corruption in Evernote 1.1
5776 3DMark 2001: Nature Test (#4) renders incorrectly around 40th second
13014 ProntoEdit NG 2.1.8 doesn't show Gallery (missing ODBC provider/notice about missing provider)
14522 Spellforce has bad quality ground textures
16526 Angels Online doesn't update (FtpFindFirstFile needs to support subdirectory and wildcard search)
19723 NordicBet Poker-client fails to install
19724 elevated demo has a terrible performance
20490 Tower crashes when rendering 3d-objects
21767 Multiple applications storing AxHostWindow instance pointer in GWLP_USERDATA crash on startup (Wine uses GWLP_USERDATA to store IOCS)(JLC's Internet TV, Anime Studio Pro 10.x)
23208 MS Money 2000: shows wrong/huge total amounts in accounts section of main page
24861 Evil Genius (GOG version): Crashes randomly on autosave
24967 Oxygen AVCHD player crashes when failling opening a .mov & .mts source
26202 SoulSeek crashes
26272 Unity3D 3.x/4.x - Can't create a project
27814 Die by the Sword: menus don't drawn unless mouse is moving
28951 Nitro PDF Reader crashes in Preferences->Commenting menu
30017 iWin Games Manager can't display html pages (without native ie)
30520 Zona crash when play video files with mplayer
31181 Unity3D first run internet registration fails
31438 [EA Origin]Unable to download game since the new version
32125 RebelBetting exits silently with wine-mono
32166 RebelBetting (.NET app): "Serious error" when selecting a listing
32205 YoukuDesktop error in initializing
33494 It's not possible to use tempfile module in python
33776 Multiple 64-bit applications and UPlay games fail in 64-bit WINEPREFIX with WinVer set to 'Windows Vista/7' (incorrect WoW64 info buffer size usage in IsWow64Process, NtQueryInformationProcess)
33976 Spin Tires needs native quartz for launching
34217 MS XPSEP GUI installer fails with .NET Framework 3.0 installed prior (custom action 'EPUpdateInstallAction' dubbed 'Hotfix for Windows XP KB971276-v3' fails)
35244 Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition crashes in full-screen mode when shaders enabled
35270 Slingplayer 1.5 installer fails in a WOW64 prefix
35391 xcopy doesn't support /v (Samsung Magician Software 4.2)
35527 RebelBetting: maximised window is not fully drawn
35894 TSM Casin crashes on start in jscript
36009 secur32/schannel test fails with WINEDEBUG=warn+heap
36368 MicrosoftFixit50588 tool raises a vbscript parsing error (single-line 'If...Then' with trailing 'End If')
36767 iexplore crashes in jscript
36964 Unity3D crashes on startup license activation window (has workaround)
37017 KEY_WOW64_32KEY doesn't work properly after opening HKLM\Software key.
37023 winhttp: HEAD-requests are not handled correctly (Marvel Heroes 2015 launcher)
37113 Cannot move (drag n drop) objects in Illustrator CS6 using the selection tool (V)
37185 DirectPlayCreate fails to create instance in the game "Swing"
37537 Tages v5.x DRM driver needs 'irp.Tail.Overlay.OriginalFileObject' initialized with stub file object
37748 Stranded II shows text/icons in wrong colors
37807 Anno 2070: digit group separators are displayed incorrectly
37810 Accordance 11 crashes on startup.
37866 Multiple .NET applications fail due to wbemdisp:services_InstancesOf stub (PaintRibbon 1.x)
37874 Copy-pastie in implementation of VarFormatNumber
37882 user32.GetKeyboardLayoutNameW can't handle NULL out parameter, causing crash in custom application
37891 Firefox 35.0 installer crashes ('INetFwAuthorizedApplication::IpVersion' property accessors are stubs)
37898 QQ6.7 crashes due to unimpl msvcr100._vscprintf_p
37907 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (64-bit, Steam) crashes on startup (loading of frames from .ani cursors causes heap corruption)
37912 Shadowgrounds - rendering issues
37924 VBA71 : unimplemented function msi.dll.MsiProvideComponentA
37931 Dead Space 2 (Steam) crashes on start
37933 Texture Packer Application crashes on launch
37943 Falco 6 Contabilità crashes


Changes since 1.7.34:

Akihiro Sagawa (3):
advapi32: Fix HKLM\Software handling when opening with KEY_WOW64_32KEY.
msi: Open 32-bit component registry keys with KEY_WOW64_32KEY flag.
msi: Remove 32-bit component registry keys with KEY_WOW64_32KEY flag.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
dplay: Add missing defines.

Andrew Eikum (1):
wined3d: Fix spec file entry for wined3d_texture_create.

AndrÃ:copyright: Hentschel (3):
kernel32/tests: Don't test function directly when reporting GetLastError().
user32/tests: Don't test function directly when reporting GetLastError().
odbc32: Add winediag message when no drivers could be found.

Aric Stewart (1):
gdi32: Do not install fonts with a family name that is too long.

Austin English (1):
iphlpapi: Add FreeMibTable implementation.

Axel Davy (2):
d3d8/tests: Fix volume_dxt5_test getPixelColor check.
d3d8/tests: Fix test_3dc_formats getPixelColor check.

Bruno Jesus (9):
ws2_32: Ensure recv functions set last error to zero when they succeed.
ws2_32: Prefer SetLastError over WSASetLastError.
rsaenh: Don't reset the salt length after setting a salt for Base and Strong providers.
ws2_32: Trace getpeername() result.
iphlpapi: Set as the IP and mask of disconnected interfaces.
oleaut32: Fix copy & paste issue in VarFormatNumber.
dplayx: Cache GUID values so they persist after enumeration.
user32: Allocate memory based on HICON instead of DWORD to fix 64 bit problems.
ws2_32: getaddrinfo must SetLastError on success or failure.

Changhui Liu (1):
gdiplus: Fix get_graphics_bounds when window origin point changed.

Charles Davis (5):
winebuild: Make emitting mod_*_func sections on Mac OS respect the pointer size.
kernel32: Recognize 64-bit Mach-O modules, too.
kernel32: Don't use %gs on 64-bit Mac OS.
server: Use mach_vm_* functions instead of the old vm_* functions.
msvcrt: Support 64-bit platforms that don't have finitef or isnanf.

Erich Hoover (1):
winex11.drv: Update the check for broken nVidia RandR to test for the number of resolutions instead of the number of modes.

François Gouget (3):
dsound: Make DSOUND_FindSpeakerConfig() static.
dsound: Reorder the interfaces to remove the need for forward declarations.
dsound: Make some DirectSoundDevice_*() functions static.

Gerald Pfeifer (1):
makefiles: Support building with non-default LD.

Hans Leidekker (12):
wbemdisp: Implement ISWbemServices::InstancesOf.
wbemdisp: Implement ISWbemObjectSet::get__NewEnum.
wbemdisp: Implement ISwbemObject::GetIDsOfNames.
wbemdisp: Implement ISWbemObject::Invoke.
wbemdisp: Reimplement ISWbemObjectSet::get__NewEnum on top of IEnumWbemClassObject::Clone.
kernel32: Retrieve the system affinity mask from ntdll.
ntdll: Fix calculation of process and thread affinity masks on systems with a large number of processors.
winhttp/tests: Keep the connection alive in a couple of tests.
winhttp: Don't try to read data after a HEAD request.
wbemprox: Implement Win32_ComputerSystemProduct.IdentifyingNumber.
wbemprox: Implement Win32_BaseBoard.Product.
msi: Add a partial implementation of MsiProvideComponent.

Hao Peng (3):
wbemprox: Implement Win32_Processor.ProcessorType.
wbemprox: Implement Win32_DiskDrive.PNPDeviceID.
wbemprox: Implement Win32_BaseBoard.Version.

Henri Verbeet (10):
wined3d: Introduce struct wined3d_sampler_desc.
wined3d: Store a struct wined3d_sampler_desc in struct gl_texture.
wined3d: Replace wined3d_texture_apply_state_changes() with wined3d_texture_apply_sampler_desc().
wined3d: Create GL sampler objects for wined3d sampler objects.
wined3d: Merge shader_glsl_load_vsamplers() and shader_glsl_load_psamplers().
wined3d: Implement WINED3DSIH_SAMPLE in the GLSL shader backend.
wined3d: Handle the SM4 SV_POSITION pixel shader input semantic in the GLSL shader backend.
d3d10core/tests: Add a basic texturing test.
wined3d: Use the same flags for wined3d_texture_set_color_key() and the "color_key_flags" field it sets.
wined3d: Properly cleanup samplers on wined3d_device_reset() / wined3d_device_uninit_3d().

Huw D. M. Davies (2):
user32/tests: Add tests for setting and getting the background brush.
user32: Actually use the menu's background brush.

Jacek Caban (8):
activscp.idl: Added SCRIPT_E_* error codes.
jscript: Don't allow function execution if script engine is not in started state.
jscript: Added more SCRIPTSTATE_STARTED tests.
mshtml: Removed TRACEs from dispex_query_interface.
secur32/tests: Don't call InitializeSecurityContext on an uninitialized buffer.
mshtml: Improved IOleCommandTarget::QueryStatus implementation.
mshtml: Added OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM tests and stub.
mshtml: Added Exec(OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM) implementation.

Ken Thomases (1):
winemac: Fix conversion of empty RECT to an empty CGRect.

Marcus Meissner (2):
combase: Reorder checks (Coverity).
mshtml: Check for failed allocs (Coverity).

Mark Harmstone (4):
winealsa: Do not destroy remapping info on IsFormatSupported.
dsound: Degrade speaker config if too many channels.
dsound: Pretend we have hardware buffers.
xaudio2_7: Add stub DLL.

Matteo Bruni (14):
wined3d: Use the core version of the gl*Buffer* functions.
wined3d: Use the core glColorMaski function.
opengl32: Update to GL 4.5.
opengl32: Store the OpenGL context version in the handle value.
dxgi: Fix a comment typo.
wined3d: Use the core gl*CompressedTex* functions.
wined3d: Use the core version of glDrawBuffers.
wined3d: Use the core version of glDrawElementsInstanced.
wined3d: Always use the core version of the glPointParameteri function.
wined3d: Add separate stencil state setup via GL 2.0+ core functions.
wined3d: Don't normalize R8G8B8A8_UINT attributes.
wined3d: Properly initialize the last two components of R16G16_SINT attributes.
wined3d: Use the core version of GL vertex attribute functions where possible.
wined3d: Use the core version of the shader object functions.

Michael Müller (1):
shlwapi: Correctly treat '.' when enumerating files in PathIsDirectoryEmptyW.

Michael Stefaniuc (40):
strmbase: Remove an unused variable (PVS-Studio).
winmm: Remove an unused variable (PVS-Studio).
wintab32: Remove an always TRUE conditional expression (PVS-Studio).
wrc: Remove some more always-true conditions.
comctl32: Remove an unused variable assigment (PVS-Studio).
comdlg32: Remove unused variable assigments (PVS-Studio).
d3drm: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
d3dx9_36/tests: Actually test retrieve_device_state calls (PVS-Studio).
devenum: Use the return value of __wine_register_resources (PVS-Studio).
dmband/tests: Remove an unused assigment (PVS-Studio).
dmcompos/tests: Remove an unused assigment (PVS-Studio).
dmime/tests: Remove unused assigments (PVS-Studio).
dmloader/tests: Test the return of CoCreateInstance (PVS-Studio).
dmscript/tests: Remove an unused assigment (PVS-Studio).
dmstyle/tests: Remove unused assigments (PVS-Studio).
dmusic/tests: Remove an unused assigment (PVS-Studio).
dswave/tests: Remove an unused assigment (PVS-Studio).
gdiplus/tests: Actually test a GdipCreateFromHDC call (PVS-Studio).
mstask/tests: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
mciwave: Remove an unused assigment (PVS-Studio).
ole32/tests: Actually test some return codes (PVS-Studio).
ole32/tests: Remove unused assignments (PVS-Studio).
ole32: Return the buffer pointer when WdtpInterfacePointer_UserMarshal fails.
msxml3/tests: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
msxml3/tests: Actually test the return values (PVS-Studio).
ntdll/tests: Remove unused assigments (PVS-Studio).
oleaut32/tests: Uncomment and fix a test (PVS-Studio).
oleaut32: Just stop instead of erroring out on 8 or 9 in octal numbers.
oleaut32: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
qedit: Remove an unused and wrong assignment (PVS-Studio).
quartz: Remove some unused assignments (PVS-Studio).
scrrun/tests: Actually test the return values (PVS-Studio).
schedsvc/tests: Actually test a return value (PVS-Studio).
strmbase: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
strmbase: Handle the failure of CoCreateInstance (PVS-Studio).
user32/tests: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
usp10: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
winex11.drv: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
wininet: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).
wintrust/tests: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).

Nikolay Sivov (14):
user32: Handle NULL argument in GetKeyboardLayoutNameW().
winhttp: Fix typeinfo refcount in GetTypeInfo().
winhttp: Release typeinfos and typelib on dll unload.
hnetcfg: Return NET_FW_IP_VERSION_ANY as ipVersion property value.
hnetcfg: Fix refcount of returned ITypeInfo pointer.
scrrun: Fix refcount on GetTypeInfo().
vbscript: Support 'End If' for single line If statements.
dwrite: Initial support of cluster metrics computation.
dwrite: Implement GetClusterMetrics().
dwrite/tests: Additional test for Draw().
hnetcfg: Release typeinfos and typelib on dll unload.
msxml3: Remove child node in one place in node_insert_before().
dwrite/tests: Basic test for GetTypographicFeatures().
dwrite: Initial implementation of GetGlyphPlacements().

Piotr Caban (3):
ole32: Only change DoDragDrop return value on IDropTarget::Drop failure.
msvcrt: Add _vscprintf_p implementation.
msvcrt: Drop read buffer in _flsbuf.

Qian Hong (10):
atl100/tests: Added more tests for class AtlAxWin100 and AtlAxWinLic100.
atl100/tests: Added tests for AtlAxAttachControl.
atl: Don't conflict GWLP_USERDATA with user applications.
ntdll: Fixed buffer size checking for ProcessWow64Information on 64bit in NtQueryInformationProcess.
kernel32: Make SetUnhandledExceptionFilter hotpatchable.
ntdll: Make RtlAddVectoredExceptionHandler hotpatchable.
ole32: Make CoUninitialize and OleUninitialize hotpatchable.
kernel32: Fixed buffer size on 64bit in IsWow64Process.
atl: Improved content type handling of AtlAxCreateControlEx.
atl100/tests: Added tests for AtlAxCreateControlEx.

Sebastian Lackner (2):
wininet: Fix handling of subdirectory in FtpFindFirstFile.
ntoskrnl: Initialize irp.Tail.Overlay.OriginalFileObject with stub file object.

Vincent Povirk (1):
xmllite: Length is optional in IXmlReader::GetQualifiedName.
  Wine 1.7.35 released