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From John Morris:

The x86_64 images currently posted will not boot. Still working out exactly WHY, when the only change from the last known working version was whitebox-release (and of course new comps and rpmdb packages) but the important thing is that a workaround has been created. See the download page for a small 4.4MB .iso with a working boot image. New x86_64 ISOs will of course have to be released once a full understanding is achieved.

p.s. I know everyone is asking why didn't I do a test install and catch this one? Of course my build host's DVD/CD writer had picked this last weekend to go unreliable. So I pushed the images across the network and burned a set, did an install on my i386 test box and ASSumed that since only three packages had changed I could skip suffering through an install on a balky CD reader. So when the replacement showed up today I did attempt a test install and started looking for a fresh brown paper bag.
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