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Updated SparkyLinux 7.0 ISO images are now available.

Sparky 7.0.1 

There is an update of Sparky ISO images of the stable line 7.0.1 out there.

This is a minor update, it mainly fixed an issue of the live config, which did not let you launch password reqiured application without password in live session, such as: Calamares, APTus, GParted, Gufw, etc.

Now, the apps don’t need a password to be launched in live session (excluding MinimalGUI i686).

As usually, all packages have been upgraded from Debian and Sparky stable repos, as of June 26, 2023, so all updates of Debian 12.1 are included.

No reinstallation is reqiured if you have Sparky 7 installed, simply keep Sparky up to date.
The new iso images only fix the live session issue.

Anyway, the live user password is: live

New iso images of Sparky stable can be downloaded from the download/stable page


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