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SimplyMEPIS 8.5 beta1 has been released

MEPIS has released SimplyMEPIS 8.4.90, the beta1 of MEPIS 8.5. The beta is available from MEPIS and public mirrors. The ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.90-b1_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.90-b1_64.iso.

Warren Woodford reported on the progress in the 8.5 release cycle: "This beta includes a 2.6.32 kernel that is one patch short of the final. The next beta will probably contain kernel We still use KDE 4.3.2 but we're hoping we can leverage the dedicated efforts of the Debian KDE Team to update to a newer version soon."

Warren continued: "We've had a lot of input from users. We're trying to tweak 8.5 to reflect their suggestions and preferences. In particular, our thanks go out to the community members who designed and tested a new desktop theme for 8.5."

Progress on SimplyMEPIS can be followed at or at OEMs, VARs and SIs interested in MEPIS security, server, workstation or desktop technology should contact

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SimplyMEPIS 8.5 beta1 Release