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The keynote speaker of SCALE 18x has been announced.

The SCALE Team is excited to share Paul Vixie will be joining us at SCALE18x a keynote speaker!

Since commercialization and privatization of the Internet first began in the 1990's, there has been a steady push to move access side DNS (called "recursive") away from customer networks and towards first ISP's and later Cisco, Google, IBM, and Cloudflare. What are the real motives for this trend? What are the risks and costs, and who pays them? Dr. Vixie has worked in the DNS field since 1989 and has invented many of the monitoring and filtering capabilities now used by nearly all DNS services, and he will try to explain what's happening. Special attention will be paid to the new web-based "DNS over HTTP" or "DoH" protocol now being strongly pushed by Mozilla and others.

The keynote will be on Saturday, March 7. Full details at:

If you still need to purchase tickets visit:

We look forward to seeing you in Pasadena!
The SCALE Team