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A fresh update to AMD's ROCm GPU computing platform is out and ready to download. With improvements to rocBLAS, rocDecode, RCCL, AMD SMI, and ROCm SMI, it has been tested on Ubuntu 22.04.5. Updates to the amd-smi monitor's output, fixes to the amdsmi_get_gpu_process_info API, and the addition of process isolation and clean shader APIs and command line instructions are also part of the revisions.

ROCm 6.1.2 Release

ROCm 6.1.2 includes enhancements to SMI tools and improvements to some libraries.

OS support

ROCm 6.1.2 has been tested against a pre-release version of Ubuntu 22.04.5 (kernel: 5.15 [GA], 6.8 [HWE]).


AMD SMI for ROCm 6.1.2


  • Added process isolation and clean shader APIs and CLI commands.
    • amdsmi_get_gpu_process_isolation()
    • amdsmi_set_gpu_process_isolation()
    • amdsmi_set_gpu_clear_sram_data()
  • Added the MIN_POWER metric to output provided by amd-smi static --limit.


  • Updated the amd-smi monitor --pcie output to prevent delays with the monitor command.


  • Updated amismi_get_power_cap_info to return values in uW instead of W.
  • Updated Python library return types for amdsmi_get_gpu_memory_reserved_pages and amdsmi_get_gpu_bad_page_info.
  • Updated the output of amd-smi metric --ecc-blocks to show counters available from blocks.


  • amdsmi_get_gpu_board_info() no longer returns junk character strings.
  • amd-smi metric --power now correctly details power output for RDNA3, RDNA2, and MI1x devices.
  • Fixed the amdsmitstReadWrite.TestPowerCapReadWrite test for RDNA3, RDNA2, and MI100 devices.
  • Fixed an issue with the amdsmi_get_gpu_memory_reserved_pages and amdsmi_get_gpu_bad_page_info Python interface calls.


  • Removed the amdsmi_get_gpu_process_info API from the Python library. It was removed from the C library in an earlier release.

See the AMD SMI  detailed changelog with code samples for more information.


ROCm SMI for ROCm 6.1.2


  • Added the ring hang event to the amdsmi_evt_notification_type_t enum.


  • Fixed an issue causing ROCm SMI to incorrectly report GPU utilization for RDNA3 GPUs. See the issue on  GitHub.
  • Fixed the parsing of pp_od_clk_voltage in get_od_clk_volt_info to work better with MI-series hardware.


RCCL 2.18.6 for ROCm 6.1.2


  • Reduced NCCL_TOPO_MAX_NODES to limit stack usage and avoid stack overflow.


rocBLAS 4.1.2 for ROCm 6.1.2


  • Tuned BBS TN and TT operations on the CDNA3 architecture.


  • Fixed an issue related to obtaining solutions for BF16 TT operations.


rocDecode 0.6.0 for ROCm 6.1.2


  • Added support for FFmpeg v5.x.


  • Updated error checking in the script.


  • Updated core dependencies.
  • Updated to support the use of public LibVA headers.


  • Fixed some package dependencies.

Upcoming changes

  • A future release will enable the use of HIPCC compiled binaries hipcc.bin and hipconfig.bin by default. No action is needed by users; you may continue calling high-level Perl scripts hipcc and hipconfighipcc.bin and hipconfig.bin will be invoked by the high-level Perl scripts. To revert to the previous behavior and invoke and, set the HIP_USE_PERL_SCRIPTS environment variable to 1.
  • A subsequent release will remove high-level HIPCC Perl scripts from hipcc and hipconfig. This release will remove the HIP_USE_PERL_SCRIPTS environment variable. It will rename hipcc.bin and hipconfig.bin to hipcc and hipconfig respectively. No action is needed by the users. To revert to the previous behavior, invoke and explicitly.
  • A subsequent release will remove and for HIPCC.

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