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Progeny has released the first beta of Progeny Debian 2.0, Developer Edition

This snapshot incorporates a number of changes made to the underlying Componentized Linux technologies since the 2004-04-12 snapshot:

* Component updates:

- LSB 2.0 component updated to the latest sarge
- Linux 2.4 component updated to Linux 2.4.26
- Linux 2.6 component updated to Linux 2.6.6
- Gnome component updated to 2.6.
- New components: Componentized Linux development (containing Anaconda and its dependencies).

* Anaconda for Debian has been updated to include the changed in Fedora Core 2 Anaconda. Most of the new features are working properly, but a few are not:

- LVM and RAID are not quite functional.
- Text mode installs fail on a new regular user screen.
- Selecting the login type (graphical vs. text) does not work yet.
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Download CD 1
Download CD 2
Download CD 3 (Sources)

Only the first two images are necessary for the installation; CD 3 includes the sources.