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Pipewire 1.2 is a new release that maintains API and ABI compatibility with prior versions.It contains substantial changes from the 1.0 release, such as asynchronous processing, the concept of node.sync-group, and improved configuration parsing failures. It also includes support for necessary information when negotiating buffer parameters, multiple data loops in the server and client, and CPU affinity and prioritization.

The UCM conflicting device patches, snapcast-discover module, and reworked peer linking and counters, as well as many GStreamer element updates and more fixes and improvements, can be changed at runtime using metadata, and log levels in the pulse server can be dynamically changed with a /core message.

PipeWire 1.2.0 (Aviation)

This is the 1.2 release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 1.1.x and 1.0.x releases.

This release contains some of the bigger changes that happened since the 1.0 release last year, including:

  • Support for asynchronous processing has been implemented. Nodes can choose (or be forced) to be scheduled asynchronously. The graph will not wait for the output of the node to continue processing but it will use the output of the previous cycle (or silence) instead. This adds one cycle of latency but it can avoid having some nodes blocking the processing graph. Non realtime streams and filters now also use this asynchronous processing instead of their own slightly broken version.
  • The concept of node.sync-group was added. This groups nodes with overlapping sync-group together when one of them sets the node.sync = true. This is now used to make sure all nodes are scheduled together when JACK transport is started so that they all see the same transport time.
  • Config parsing errors are reported earlier and much better with line and column numbers where the parsing started to fail.
  • Add support for mandatory metadata when negotiating buffer parameters. This can be used to only negotiate extra buffer planes when certain metadata is negotiated. One use case is the explicit sync support that requires 2 extra fds for the timelines.
  • Explicit sync metadata and support was added.
  • Support was added for making and using multiple data-loops in the server and clients. Support for CPU affinity and priorities was added to the data-loops as well.
  • The log topic debug levels can now be changed at runtime with metadata. The log levels in the pulse server can be dynamically changed with a /core message.
  • The UCM conflicting devices patches were merged.
  • Add snapcast-discover module to stream to snapcast servers.
  • Rework how peers are linked and the counters are updated. Resume the peers when a node is unlinked and not yet processed. This should cause less occasional dropouts in the graph when reconnecting things.
  • Many GStreamer element updates.
  • Many more fixes and improvements.

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Highlights (since the previous 1.1.83 release)

  • Small fixes here and there.


  • Compilation fixes after enabling -Werror=float-conversion


  • The module-rtp-sap now propagates the cleanup.sec property to the rtp-source and the rtp-source now sets a property with the receiving status.
  • Fix for ROC 0.3, explicitly specify sender encoding. (#4070)
  • Some fixes to the RAOP sink module, including a format fix for 32 bit machines.


  • Fix pw-cli monitoring code.


  • Revert peer_enum_params again because it was not used and flawed.
  • Fix multichannel processing in webrtc AEC.


  • Logging improvements.
  • Fix a race in the bufferpool activation.


  • Improvements to BAP broadcast code parsing.

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