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Jakub Zelenka has announced the release of the release candidate for PHP 8.3.9.


- Core:
. Fixed bug GH-14315 (Incompatible pointer type warnings). (Peter Kokot)
. Fixed bug GH-12814 (max_execution_time reached too early on MacOS 14
when running on Apple Silicon). (Manuel Kress)
. Fixed bug GH-14387 (Crash when stack walking in destructor of yielded from
values during Generator->throw()). (Bob)
. Fixed bug GH-14456 (Attempting to initialize class with private constructor
calls destructor). (Girgias)
. Fixed bug GH-14510 (memleak due to missing pthread_attr_destroy()-call).
(Florian Engelhardt)
. Fixed bug GH-14549 (Incompatible function pointer type for fclose).
(Ryan Carsten Schmidt)

- BCMatch:
. Fixed bug (bcpowmod() with mod = -1 returns 1 when it must be 0). (Girgias)

- Curl:
. Fixed bug GH-14307 (Test curl_basic_024 fails with curl 8.8.0). (nielsdos)

- DOM:
. Fixed bug GH-14343 (Memory leak in xml and dom). (nielsdos)

- FPM:
. Fixed bug GH-14037 (PHP-FPM ping.path and ping.response config vars are
ignored in status pool). (Wilhansen Li, Pierrick Charron)

- GD:
. Fix parameter numbers for imagecolorset(). (Giovanni Giacobbi)

- Intl:
. Fix reference handling in SpoofChecker. (nielsdos)

- MySQLnd:
. Partially fix bug GH-10599 (Apache crash on Windows when using a
self-referencing anonymous function inside a class with an active
mysqli connection). (nielsdos)

- Opcache:
. Fixed bug GH-14267 (opcache.jit=off does not allow enabling JIT at runtime).
. Fixed TLS access in JIT on FreeBSD/amd64. (Arnaud)
. Fixed bug GH-11188 (Error when building TSRM in ARM64). (nielsdos)

. Fixed bug GH-14367 (incompatible SDWORD type with iODBC). (Calvin Buckley)

. Fixed bug GH-13681 (segfault on watchpoint addition failure). (David Carlier)

- Soap:
. Fixed bug #47925 (PHPClient can't decompress response). (nielsdos)
. Fix missing error restore code. (nielsdos)
. Fix memory leak if calling SoapServer::setObject() twice. (nielsdos)
. Fix memory leak if calling SoapServer::setClass() twice. (nielsdos)
. Fix reading zlib ini settings in ext-soap. (nielsdos)
. Fix memory leaks with string function name lookups. (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug #69280 (SoapClient classmap doesn't support fully qualified class
name). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug #76232 (SoapClient Cookie Header Semicolon). (nielsdos)
. Fixed memory leaks when calling SoapFault::__construct() twice. (Girgias)

- Sodium:
. Fix memory leaks in ext/sodium on failure of some functions. (nielsdos)

- SPL:
. Fixed bug GH-14290 (Member access within null pointer in extension spl).

- Standard:
. Fixed bug GH-14483 (Fixed off-by-one error in checking length of abstract
namespace Unix sockets). (Derick)

- Streams:
. Fixed bug GH-11078 (PHP Fatal error triggers pointer being freed was not
allocated and malloc: double free for ptr errors). (nielsdos)

Release php-8.3.9RC1 · php/php-src