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Sergey Panteleev announced the release of PHP 8.2.21. PHP 8.2.21 has solved numerous problems, including warnings about incompatible pointer types, crashes when stack walking in the destructor of surrendered items during Generator->throw(), and an incompatible function pointer type for fclose.

The core fixes bugs GH-14315, GH-12814, GH-14387, GH-14456, GH-14549, BCMatch, BCMatch, Curl, DOM, FPM, GD, Intl, MySQLnd, Opcache, ODBC, PHPDBG, Soap, Sodium, SPL, Standard, and Streams.


- Core:
. Fixed bug GH-14315 (Incompatible pointer type warnings). (Peter Kokot)
. Fixed bug GH-12814 (max_execution_time reached too early on MacOS 14
when running on Apple Silicon). (Manuel Kress)
. Fixed bug GH-14387 (Crash when stack walking in destructor of yielded from
values during Generator->throw()). (Bob)
. Fixed bug GH-14456 (Attempting to initialize class with private constructor
calls destructor). (Girgias)
. Fixed bug GH-14549 (Incompatible function pointer type for fclose).
(Ryan Carsten Schmidt)

- BCMatch:
. Fixed bug (bcpowmod() with mod = -1 returns 1 when it must be 0). (Girgias)

- Curl:
. Fixed bug GH-14307 (Test curl_basic_024 fails with curl 8.8.0). (nielsdos)

- DOM:
. Fixed bug GH-14343 (Memory leak in xml and dom). (nielsdos)

- FPM:
. Fixed bug GH-14037 (PHP-FPM ping.path and ping.response config vars are
ignored in status pool). (Wilhansen Li, Pierrick Charron)

- GD:
. Fix parameter numbers for imagecolorset(). (Giovanni Giacobbi)

- Intl:
. Fix reference handling in SpoofChecker. (nielsdos)

- MySQLnd:
. Partially fix bug GH-10599 (Apache crash on Windows when using a
self-referencing anonymous function inside a class with an active
mysqli connection). (nielsdos)

- Opcache:
. Fixed bug GH-14267 (opcache.jit=off does not allow enabling JIT at runtime).
. Fixed TLS access in JIT on FreeBSD/amd64. (Arnaud)
. Fixed bug GH-11188 (Error when building TSRM in ARM64). (nielsdos)

. Fixed bug GH-14367 (incompatible SDWORD type with iODBC). (Calvin Buckley)

. Fixed bug GH-13681 (segfault on watchpoint addition failure). (David Carlier)

- Soap:
. Fixed bug #47925 (PHPClient can't decompress response). (nielsdos)
. Fix missing error restore code. (nielsdos)
. Fix memory leak if calling SoapServer::setObject() twice. (nielsdos)
. Fix memory leak if calling SoapServer::setClass() twice. (nielsdos)
. Fix reading zlib ini settings in ext-soap. (nielsdos)
. Fix memory leaks with string function name lookups. (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug #69280 (SoapClient classmap doesn't support fully qualified class
name). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug #76232 (SoapClient Cookie Header Semicolon). (nielsdos)
. Fixed memory leaks when calling SoapFault::__construct() twice. (Girgias)

- Sodium:
. Fix memory leaks in ext/sodium on failure of some functions. (nielsdos)

- SPL:
. Fixed bug GH-14290 (Member access within null pointer in extension spl).

- Standard:
. Fixed bug GH-14483 (Fixed off-by-one error in checking length of abstract
namespace Unix sockets). (Derick)

- Streams:
. Fixed bug GH-11078 (PHP Fatal error triggers pointer being freed was not
allocated and malloc: double free for ptr errors). (nielsdos)

Release php-8.2.21 · php/php-src