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Pgpool-II 4.4.0 has been released. Pgpool-II is a middleware that works between PostgreSQL servers and a PostgreSQL database client and support connection pooling, replication, load Balancing, and more.

Pgpool-II 4.4.0 is now released.

Pgpool Global Development Group is pleased to announce the availability of Pgpool-II 4.4.0. This is the first stable release of Pgpool-II 4.4.x.

Pgpool-II is a tool to add useful features to PostgreSQL, including:

  • connection pooling
  • load balancing
  • automatic fail over and more.

For more information, please see the  website.

V4.4 contains new features and enhancements, including:

  • Add new dynamic spare process management feature. This feature allows selecting between static and dynamic process management modes.

  • Allow to specify replication delay by time in streaming replication mode. For this purpose new parameter delay_threshold_by_time is introduced.

  • As PostgreSQL already does, Pgpool-II now supports unix_socket_directories, unix_socket_group and unix_socket_permissions for more flexible and precise control of UNIX domain sockets.

  • Allow to use comma separated multiple listen addresses in listen_addresses and pcp_listen_addresses. They control which interfaces accept connection attempts, which can help prevent repeated malicious connection requests on insecure network interfaces.

  • Allow to customize the command used by trusted_servers for checking upstream connection. For this purpose new parameter trusted_server_command is introduced.

  • Import PostgreSQL 15's SQL parser.

  • Speed up query cache by reducing lock contention. This allows concurrent running clients to fetch cache contents much more quicker.

You can download it from  here.

Please take a look at  release notes.

Pgpool-II 4.4.0 is now released.