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ooo-build-1.1.54 has been released

This package contains the Gnome integration work for, and a much simplified build wrapper, making an OO.o build / install possible for the common man. It is a staging ground for up-streaming patches to OO.o.

This release is mostly a snapshot of the (in-progress) merge of the SuSE patch-set, and adding a SuSE build target / distro etc.

Changes in this release:
+ bug fixes
+ afm metric load fix (Chris)
+ psprint cups fix (Chris)
+ read VBA only once (Michael)
+ allow upgrade from 1.1.0 (Michael)
+ don't follow 'work' symlink on upgrade
+ linkoo relative path check (Michael, chriss)
+ fix norwegian translation reverse patching issue (Michael)
+ Win32 (Michael)
+ fix 'relocate'
+ don't try to symlink
+ set executable flag on copied dlls
+ extend disable-java coverage
+ add oowintool to help autoconfigure
+ ca translation updates (Jordi Mallach)
+ system/db misc. bits (Rene)
+ features
+ ooo-build specific versioning (Michael)
+ setup license agreement less painful (Michael)
+ use gnome-open for default handlers on RH (Dan)
+ add expanded VBA macro test-sheet.
+ big SuSE patch merge (pmladek, paveljanik, kendy)
+ SuSE distro / vendor support
+ SuSE splash/about
+ improve generic print resolution
+ fix translation/lang-map problems
+ improved font mappings
+ use system libstdc++
+ shrink exported html in some 8bit locales
+ translate some calc strings.
+ enlarged xlate-lang set
+ pending
+ evolution-data-server integration (Amit)
+ spellcheck speedup (Dan)