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No Starch Press has released a new Debian book. Here the press release:


Insights into Debian project and operating system shed light on its growing appeal

September 15, 2005, San Francisco - Despite its reputation as an operating system exclusively for professionals and hardcore computer hobbyists, the Debian GNU/Linux distribution is gaining popularity rapidly, thanks to its open development cycle and strict quality control. Witness the headlines generated by Debian-based Linux distros like Knoppix, Ubuntu, and Xandros. "The Debian System: Concepts and Techniques" (No Starch Press, September '05), which includes Volume One of the official release DVD set, is a must-have for UNIX and Linux administrators who want to delve deeper into Debian's unique philosophy and structure.

Written by Martin F. Krafft, an experienced developer and a faithful Debian supporter since 1997, "The Debian System" is intended for those who want to understand and get more out of their Debian installation(s) - both Linux/UNIX admins switching to Debian and existing Debian users alike. Co-published with Open Source Press of Munich, Germany, "The Debian System" gives readers a peek into the experience level and sophistication that have shaped the various system components and shows why this system's pure elegance makes it a desirable choice of many. Krafft introduces the system's concepts and analyzes the techniques that comprise the Debian Way of system administration and explains why Debian developers have chosen certain approaches to development that differ from other Linux distributions.

"Debian is a robust distribution with a fascinating community; there is no source of under-the-hood information like 'The Debian System,'" said Bill Pollock, founder of No Starch Press. "This book is perfect for anyone running Debian or any Debian-based distro, or those simply curious about how this Linux distribution has evolved."

Bypassing discussion of Linux tools, graphical desktop environments, server software or user programs, "The Debian System" is a perfect complement to the standard Linux references.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Martin F. Krafft has been a faithful supporter of Debian since 1997, working as a developer and a PR person, and fielding user questions on mailing lists. He has administered mid-sized networks and is responsible for numerous university servers and a 40-node cluster of Debian machines. Krafft is currently working on his Ph.D. at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich.

The Debian System: Concepts and Techniques by Martin F. Krafft September 2005, 608 pp., DVD-ROM, $44.95, ISBN 1-593270-69-0 Available at fine bookstores everywhere, from, or directly from No Starch Press (,, 800.420.7240).

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