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New guide to open source application clearly explains its functions and features

May 16, 2006, San Francisco-Good system administrators know about etwork
or service problems long before anyone asks, "Hey, is the Internet down?" Nagios, an open source system and network monitoring tool, has emerged as a popular and affordable choice for sys admins in organizations of all sizes. It's robust but also very complex. "Nagios: System and Network Monitoring" (No Starch Press, May 2006,, written for Nagios 2.0 but backwards compatible with earlier versions of the software, will help sys admins maximize their use of the various Nagios features and take full advantage of its ability to keep systems running.

"WOW! This book is incredibly detailed and Wolfgang has done an excellent job. I don't think I could have gone into that much detail if I wrote a book myself. Kudos!"
- Ethan Galstad, main developer, Nagios

Co-published with Open Source Press of Munich, Germany, "Nagios: System and Network Monitoring" is a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of this versatile and powerful administration tool. Nagios, which runs on Linux and most *nix variants, can be configured to continuously monitor network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING, etc.), host resources (processor load, disk and memory usage, running processes, log files, etc.), and environmental factors (such as temperature).

Inside "Nagios: System and Network Monitoring," readers will learn how to:
* Install and configure the Nagios core, all standard Nagios plug-ins, and selected third-party plug-ins
* Write your own plug-ins to customize Nagios for your unique environment
* Configure problem escalation so the appropriate people are notified when issues move beyond your control
* Set Nagios to send alerts via email, pager, SMS, or other user-defined method
* Program event handlers to take action when trouble occurs
* Suppress alerts during scheduled maintenance periods
* Monitor Windows servers

"It's no secret that we're huge proponents of open source," said Bill Pollock, founder of No Starch Press. "Nagios is one example of how well this software can perform and compete in the real world. We're committed to publishing books that will help more people use, support and promote open source solutions."

Written by a seasoned author of books on advanced networking topics, "Nagios: System and Network Monitoring" is a great starting point for readers to configure and use Nagios in their own environment.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wolfgang Barth has written several books for professional network administrators, including Firewall (Suse Press), Network Analysis (Suse Press), and Backup Solutions with Linux (Open Source Press). He is a professional system administrator with considerable experience using Nagios.

Nagios: System and Network Monitoring by Wolfgang Barth
April 2006, 472 pp., $44.95, ISBN 1-59327-070-4,
Available at fine bookstores everywhere, from, or directly from No Starch Press (,,

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