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Metacity 2.8.4 is available

Metacity is a simple window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2. 2.8.4 is an unstable release of metacity.

* What's changed ?

This release features a number of bug fixes, and also the disabling of the focus-stealing-prevention code (hard code freeze for Gnome is supposed to be tomorrow, so it's too late to fix the remaining issues; especially since it requires several patches to modules other than Metacity).

Thanks to Havoc Pennington, Soeren Sandmann, Elijah Newren, and Rich Wareham for fixes in this release.

* track the last_xor_rect, for wireframe painting (Havoc)
* Move wireframe code before grab is released to prevent endless loops with fullscreen windows. (Soeren)
* Make dialogs that Metacity shows follow focus-stealing-prevention conventions. (Elijah; part of #149028, though the code is effectively a slow no-op at this time with focus-stealing-prevention having now been disabled)
* add render extension check to the display, don't build the compositing manager by default, use an ARGB visual when available for the window frame (Rich Wareham; various tweaks added later by Havoc)
* move the have_xrender variable initialization up in the file since it can be set as part of composite check (Havoc)
* make argb stuff compile, add some code from xcompmgr (Havoc)
* fix an assertion failure that would occur after increasing the number of workspaces; fix stacking order when a window is denied focus (Elijah; #150615)
* disable some compositor code that wasn't working, don't grab the server during repaint, various set_background fixes and refactoring (Havoc)