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Eric Engestrom has announced the release of Mesa 23.1.6. Mesa is the default graphics library for Linux, with support for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, OpenCL, and more.

mesa 23.1.6

Hello everyone,

The bugfix release 23.1.6 is now available.

If you find any issues, please report them here:

The next bugfix release is due in two weeks, on August 30th.




Dave Airlie (2):
llvmpipe: fix fragdata/lastfragdata heuristic a bit more.
zink: turn off threaded cpu access if not visible.

David Heidelberg (2):
ci: add perfetto into mesa git-cache
ci/deqp: really remove the uncompressed results.csv file

David Rosca (1):
frontends/va: Ignore requested size when creating VAEncCodedBufferType

Derek Foreman (1):
vulkan/wsi: Allow binding presentation_timing when software rendering

Dor Askayo (1):
nouveau: add exported GEM handles to the global list

Emma Anholt (1):
freedreno/a5xx: Skip emitting unused texture descriptors for images.

Eric Engestrom (17):
docs: add sha256sum for 23.1.5
.pick_status.json: Update to 4c3fc03d7f74e30e4896121cd1aed90151f3d305
.pick_status.json: Update to d7fa2561a5e31b22b84b5735e2cdcbe27b8a7dfb
bin: add wrapper to run scripts in a python venv
bin/pick-ui: use venv wrapper
.pick_status.json: Update to c5a6e88c4e816ded6105b74f101528eb004e0581
.pick_status.json: Update to 06c8ebaa66b6f12b577ad1aa5e2a11628fd3735d
.pick_status.json: Mark e1ff7893ba7f8773eb462cf19d524d2c3cdb624b as denominated
.pick_status.json: Mark 58625686637a7a140d0ac1795f5cb2fbe426ca2b as denominated
.pick_status.json: Update to ee6eadb65ab7e09aa4ffaf4e6c7676fb7c51e86e
.pick_status.json: Mark 58ba2bcc8c185f8ebb74b863b76c1b65eb78206f as denominated
.pick_status.json: Mark ac00f5a361ccf8ec9188d0d3256bf2e1ebc767ba as denominated
.pick_status.json: Update to daa1f789b57aae7a23eecd4c337b79cfe1f081cf
panfrost: upcast uint8/uint16 before shifting them beyond their range
.pick_status.json: Mark b2f6de8f0d86b8143084212f970af072780fc201 as denominated
docs: add release notes for 23.1.6
VERSION: bump for 23.1.6

Friedrich Vock (1):
radv: Handle VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHR in trace layers

Gert Wollny (2):
r600/sfn: Don't try to propagate to vec4 with more than one use
r600/sfn: Take source uses into account when switching channels

Italo Nicola (2):
mesa/main: account for RTT samples when updating framebuffer
mesa/main: allow readpix/teximage to read from implicitly multisampled fbos

Janne Grunau (2):
asahi,agx: Fix stack buffer overflow in agx_link_varyings_vs_fs
asahi,agx: Upload constant buffers immediately

Julia Tatz (2):
gallium/dri: fix dri2_from_names
aux/trace: fix set_hw_atomic_buffers method name

Julian Hagemeister (1):
Gallium: Fix shared memory segment leak

Karol Herbst (3):
rusticl/kernel: only handle function_temp memory before lowering printf
n50/compute: submit initial compute state in nv50_screen_create
nv50: fix code uploads bigger than 0x10000 bytes

Lionel Landwerlin (3):
anv: fix 3DSTATE_RASTER::APIMode field setting
anv: fake non intel vendorID for Death Stranding
hasvk: fix null descriptor handling with A64 messages

Luigi Santivetti (1):
pvr: do not claim support for ASTC texture compression

Martin Stransky (1):
llvmpipe: fix UAF in lp_scene_is_resource_referenced.

Mike Blumenkrantz (21):
lavapipe: don't check geometry for fb attachments
zink: better handle separate shader dsl creation when no bindings exist
zink: force image barriers after dmabuf import
zink: use VK_WHOLE_SIZE when binding null db buffer descriptors
zink: add batch refs for transient images
zink: fix zs resolve attachment indexing
zink: don't add VK_IMAGE_USAGE_ATTACHMENT_FEEDBACK_LOOP_BIT_EXT for transient images
zink: don't append msrtss to dynamic render if not supported
zink: set msrtss depth resolve mode when enabled
zink: add more locking for pipeline cache
aux/trace: fix winsys handle dumping
llvmpipe: block weird uses of subsampled formats in buffers
llvmpipe: fix early depth + alpha2coverage + occlusion query interaction
lavapipe: fix resolves where src image has a layer offset
lavapipe: block yuv formats from getting blit feature flags
zink: explicitly set non-optimal last_vertex_stage shader key on ctx create
zink: fix big tcs output io
zink: fix crash in lower_pv_mode_gs_store
u/draw: skip zero-sized indirect draws
zink: unset primgen suspended flag when ending a primgen query
nir/zink: fix gs emulation xfb_info sizing

Paul Gofman (1):
driconf: add a workaround for Captain Lycop: Invasion of the Heters

Rhys Perry (2):
aco: summarize register demand after handling branches
aco: don't create sendmsg(dealloc_vgprs) if scratch is used

Rob Clark (1):
tu/drm: Add missing error path cleanup

Samuel Pitoiset (1):
vulkan: ignore VkPipelineColorWriteCreateInfoEXT if the state is dynamic

Sylvain Munaut (1):
egl/dri2: Add a couple of missing mutex release in error path

Timothy Arceri (1):
glsl: fix spirv sso validation

timmac-qmc (1):
glsl: fix potential crash with DisableUniformArrayResize

git tag: mesa-23.1.6
SHA256: f4c7fd8e7b472a88da7d83e9a48f6f3bd17d4ea2cc4386f7231b796f3964157a mesa-23.1.6.tar.xz
SHA512: 24f1c626fa05a82bcdfb24b67b8e5f96f94d5748309631b83e8d7a62142853cd3be90b92c56bac3bc4d223bf40b424d6d6a9977537b899107295b7d45d7e2575 mesa-23.1.6.tar.xz