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Manjaro CutefishDE Spin v0.4 based on the Cutefish desktop environment has been released.

Manjaro CutefishDE Spin v0.4 (2021-08-19 Build) released

CutefishOS has one goal to create a better experience Linux desktop OS. It will be based on Debian, however we from Manjaro, in close partnership with ArchLinux, provide a Community-Spin based on Manjaro of this new Desktop Environment. It uses the latest KDE Frameworks and parts of Plasma5 to get this Gnome-looking UI created. It is aimed for Beginners and restrict all settings to a bare minimum. Since it is also aimed more for touch and adaptive, we might see it also on Tablets very soon. So give it a try and  report issues upstream or visit the  CutefishOS forums 2.

Changes since v0.3


New mouse theme
New mouse options: natural scrolling, left-handed mode, pointer speed
Added power management, can switch to power saving mode and performance mode
New date and time page
New health items on the battery page
Added system effects option on the Appearance page

File Manager

Add to open with dialog
Support picture thumbnail

Status Bar

Add the Mpris media control item to the statusbar control window
Increase stability


Improve font rendering
Add lock screen interface


Hiya, just a quick question: to be able to test it do I need to install arch Linux and then install cutefish into it? Is there no iso or manjaro iso anymore?? You make it very complicated to try your OS, IMO
I had Manjaro running but cannot install the 0.4 version on it.
I really expect you to make the latest version available for download as a demo without having to install a bare Linux first and then add cutefish as desktop: you will lose many testers the way you are developing this nice looking OS!


Vanitarium Our own ISO has not been released yet.


Thank you. I know there is no ISO. The reason must be that you have not decided on which distros to install the cutefish desktop. I am trying to create some deb packages but the cutefish sourcecode is not available for all the dependencies!!
You need to be more helpful with your answers in this forum: what are the forward plans to create some ISOs for arch,debian,ubuntu,suse,etc. if the plans exist in your minds?


Vanitarium Our ISO is based on Ubuntu 21.04. A beta version will be released recently. We are planning to build our own package repo.


reion thank you for your reply.
I am afraid that if you use ubuntu as your ISO distro I am not interested. Ubuntu is a very 'bloated' distro and I do not use it at all. What happened to the archlinux connection??


I could update and install easily on my pure arch VM. I am now running 0.4 and its beautiful.
Of course, many features still missing, but I enjoy it very much.

Even if you will release a Ubuntu based distro yourself, please keep the possibility to install on arch :-)


maybeageek We will keep updating the cutefish packages under archlinux, thank you : )


I see a repo
Installation is for debian. Can I install it in arch?


thdtt yes,


Desktop shortcuts and folders broken after update

Manjaro CutefishDE Spin v0.4 (2021-08-19 Build) released