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A bug fix release for the Manjaro Linux 23.0.1 maintenance release has been released to address an issue with the Calamares installer.

Manjaro 23.0.1-230911 Uranos released

Since we released Talos in April 2023 we worked hard to get the next release of Manjaro out there. We call it Uranos.

The GNOME edition has received several updates to Gnome 44 series. This includes a lot of fixes and polish when  Gnome 44  originally was released in March 2023. You can find the changes made to each point-release here:  44.1  44.2  44.3  44.4 .

The Plasma edition comes with the latest  Plasma 5.27 LTS series  and  KDE Gear 23.08 . It brings exciting new improvements to your desktop.

With our XFCE edition, we have now Xfce 4.18. 

Release announcement

Manjaro 23.0 Uranos released


Download Manjaro GNOME 23.0.1-230911
Download Manjaro GNOME Minimal 23.0.1-230911
Download Manjaro KDE 23.0.1-220911
Download Manjaro KDE Minimal 23.0.1-220911
Download Manjaro Xfce
Download Manjaro Xfce Minimal 23.0.1-220911