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Mabox Linux 22.02 has been released. MaboxLinux is a fast, lightweight and functional Linux Desktop rolling-release that based on Manjaro Linux and the Openbox Window Manager.

Mabox Linux 22.02 – February ISO refresh

Hello Maboxers
2022 February ISO refresh is ready for download. Built from Manjaro stable branch as of 22.02.05.
Available with latest LTS kernel - 5.15.

from sourceforge mirrors
or from  Mabox repo

Whats new?

  1. Parallel downloads and some eye candy enabled by default for pacman and yay.
    See /etc/pacman.conf lines:
ParallelDownloads = 5
  1. Dynamic keybinds super + letter for switching quickly windows (Xatk) are disabled by default. You can enable them from Autostart GUI editor. Enjoy.

Mabox Linux 22.02 – February ISO refresh