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Mabox Linux 21.11 Beta has been released for testing. MaboxLinux is a fast, lightweight and functional Linux Desktop rolling-release that based on Manjaro Linux and the Openbox Window Manager.

Mabox Linux 21.11 Herbolth - Beta release

Mabox Linux 21.11 codename Herbolth is just around the corner (currently beta).
If you like to test it and help make it best Mabox release so for, please download it from
Let’s see what’s new in Herbolth…

Currently beta release only for testing !
If you like to test it, download ISO image from:
If you have some free time, please try it (probably in VirtualBox) and report any bugs, suggestions on  forum.
This is beta release, not intended for long term usage – do not use it as main system.
More work is needed to polish all the new features.
Final release expected in week or two.

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