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Mabox Linux 21.09 has been released. MaboxLinux is a fast, lightweight and functional Linux Desktop rolling-release that based on Manjaro Linux and the Openbox Window Manager.

Mabox Linux 21.09 - September ISO refresh

 refreshed iso images are ready for download. Built on the stable Manjaro branch as of 5 September 2021, it provides a few improvements: a slightly refreshed 

Mabox Control Center

, a few improvements to Mabox Tools.
The power manager from Xfce has been replaced by Mate Power Manager.

It is also worth having a look at the more complete 

Mabox User Guide


As usual, we can choose from ISO images with two LTS kernel lines:

  • linux510 – with the latest LTS kernel
  • linux54 – a slightly older LTS kernel that may better support some older hardware

Download locations

If you encounter any issues, please post them  at the forum.

Enjoy and stay safe.

Mabox Linux 21.09 - September ISO refresh | MaboxLinux