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A new version of the popular open source video editing tool Kdenlive has been released.

Kdenlive 23.08.0 released 

We’re excited to present the latest version of Kdenlive, packed with an array of fixes, enhancements, and optimizations. Some highlights include:

  • 2 new effects, Audio Seam and Auto Fade, which can be added to tracks to eliminate audio cracks which might happen with some clips such as MKV and FLAC
  • New AV1 NVENC profile
  • Fixes to Whisper engine with Nvidia GTX 16xx series
  • Added GoPro .lrv and DJI .lrf files as external proxies
  • Fix Normalize (2 pass) effect
  • Added Nano Tracker algorithm to the Motion Tracker effect
  • Refactored Custom Clip Job Manager
  • Add Cut subtitle after first line option
  • Shift + double-click on the track divider resets the track back to its default height

Since this release focuses on resolving issues and enhancing stability most of the work was done under the hood but we managed to sneak in some nifty interface and usability improvements as well

Kdenlive 23.08.0 released - Kdenlive