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A new version of the IceWM window manager has been released. The change log includes features like composing characters in the address bar, double-clicking for window maximizing, and restoring resized windows. It also addresses duplicate requests from GNOME, avoids invalid work areas, dispatches events to destroyed windows, and updates translations to Kazakh and Georgian.


IceWM is a window manager for the X Window System. The features of IceWM are speed, simplicity, and not getting in the user's way.

The name was decided on a very hot day... (and Marko started writing it in winter ;-) The aim of IceWM is to have good 'Feel' and decent 'Look'. 'Feel' is much more important than 'Look' ...

This is a fork of the IceWM CVS on  sourceforge. It includes all changes from the icewm-1-3-BRANCH branch, greatly enhanced EWMH/ICCCM compliance, as well as patches collected from Arch Linux, Debian, pld-linux, the IceWM bug list, and various other GitHub forks.


Support composing characters in the address bar with X input method.
Double-click the border to maximize just that side of the window.
Repeat the double-click to restore that side. Also for corners.


Ignore duplicate requests from GNOME to move or resize a window.
Restore the moving of windows by dragging with the right button down.


Avoid constructing invalid work areas.
Don't dispatch events to destroyed windows.
Don't install mouse bindings when the frame is being destroyed.
Don't create a Window handle for a destroyed or orphaned window.
Updated translations: Kazakh and Georgian.

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