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Gossip 0.7.7 has been released

Imendio is very happy to announce version 0.7.7 of our instant messaging client Gossip!

Gossip is an instant messaging client for GNOME with an easy-to-use interface, providing users of the GNOME Desktop with a friendly way to keep in touch with their friends.

This release features a nice addition in that you see which contacts has been updated in the contact list. Often you find yourself noticing that something changed but when you look you can't find what actually changed. Martyn was quick to solve this and now the background changes on a contact for 7 seconds after an update.

Geert-Jan did some work to make the group chat behave more like a normal chat. And Mikael Hallendal added support for keep-alive packages being sent and HTTP proxy being used if the user has setup a desktop global HTTP proxy. You can also specify a different host to connect to instead of just being able to specify your JID.

Full list of fixes in 0.7.7:
* Make the groupchat input area the same as in chats (Geert-Jan)
* Improved URL recognizer (Johan Hammar)
* Fixed name bug when chatting with people not in your contact list (Micke)
* Cut supported in chat windows (cuts from input area) (Thomas Reynolds)
* Support for specifying both JID and connect server (Micke)
* Support for HTTP proxy, uses desktop global settings (Micke)
* Notify on updates in the contact list (Change the background on that row for 7 seconds) (Martyn)
* New translations (ga)
* Updated translations (cs, nl, en_GB, lt, cy, sq, ru, eu, en_CA, es, nl, pt, da)
* New translations (en_CA, uk, eo, ar)
* Updated translations: (lt, cs, en_GB, nl, ca, pt_BR, sv, zh_CN, da, pl, pt)
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