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Gnumeric 1.3.2 is now available.

This release transitions from development to beta and begins the run up to the next release. Emmanuel has been on a tear in the charting engine improving the rendering and adding mapping support to axes. We've also been busy in xls export. Jon Kåre added image export and I've been tweaking bits to improve compatibility with MS formulas. We've finally landed Uwe Steinmann's landed Paradox db importer. Re-enabling the psion importer and ssconvert should put us back on par with 1.2.x.

NOTE : We have now jumped to a SAX based exported for .gnumeric files. It is significantly faster and lighter but it is a major change. Please check your double check your files.

The win32 port is structurally complete. All known patches have been applied, and people have smoke test builds. It's not ready for production use but with some tuning there should be an installer shortly.