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gnome-games 2.7.7 has been released

A lot of the themes have been split into a separate package called gnome-games-extra-data. The core package now contains only a minimum amount of graphics, it is still functional, but your favourite themes may not be there. You can get the missing themes back by installing the gnome-games-extra-data package. gnome-games-extra-data can be found at:

In the shuffling of themes, Richard Hoelscher's "Paris" SVG card theme has crept into the main distribution. It uses the same source of inspiration as David Bellot's SVG card deck, but is smaller and less detailed, making it faster to load.


Aisleriot: Thieves, elevator and eagle_wing are now all playable again (callum).

Five or More: Grid drawing improvements (Paolo Borelli).

Gnometris: Don't play sounds when we don't actually do anything (Jon McCann).

Mines: Fix a rounding error when displaying scores on some platforms (callum).