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GloriousEggroll has announced the release of GE-Proton9-10, with changes including updating wine, wine-mono, dxvk, proton script, vkd3d-proton, and EAC fixes, enabling d8vk by default in dxvk files.

GE-Proton9-10 Released

  • Updated wine to latest bleeding edge
  • Updated wine-mono to 9.2.0
  • Updated dxvk to latest git (which includes d8vk now)
  • Removed d8vk build options as it's part of dxvk now
  • Updated proton script so that d8vk is enabled by default as part of dxvk's files
  • Updated vkd3d-proton to latest git
  • protonfixes: added EAC fix to allow elden ring to run even if dlc not owned

Release GE-Proton9-10 Released · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom