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GloriousEggroll has announced the availability of GE-Proton8-14. GE-Proton is a fork of the Wine-based Proton compatibility tool for Steam Play.

GE-Proton8-14 Released

  • removed previously added ealink patch (turned out to be a Legendary launcher bug, not a wine bug. Pending on Legendary side:  derrod/legendary#595)
  • vkd3d-proton updated to latest git
  • vkd3d updated to upstream proton version
  • dxvk updated to latest git
  • gstreamer updated to 1.22.5
  • dav1d updated to 1.2.1
  • imported upstream lsteamclient changes
  • imported upstream media converter changes
  • winemono updated to 8.0.1
  • upstream proton overrides imported:
  • protonfixes: Remove several deprecated workarounds: Monster Hunter Rise, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: LE, Madia Definitive Edition (thanks Bitwolfies)
  • protonfixes: Fix for Star Trek Online black/empty launcher window (thanks dunconio)
  • protonfixes: Restore audio in cutscenes in Atelier Ryza trilogy (thanks salixor)
  • protonfixes: use older winetricks version for Proton 5.0 (thanks skryvel)

Release GE-Proton8-14 Released · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom