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GE-Proton 7-24 is now available. GE-Proton is a fork of Proton, a Wine based compatibility tool for Steam Play.

GE-Proton7-24 released

  • patches: cleanup deprecated patches
  • patches: fix custom mode -- change envvar to easier to remember WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR_CUSTOM_MODE
  • proton: update version
  • patches: add 32:9 resolutions to fsr patch
  • wine: update bleeding edge
  • patches: patch cleanup
  • dxvk: update dxvk
  • build: add enable libsoup for gst-plugins-good
  • vkd3d: update vkd3d-proton
  • proton: add upstream changes
  • patches: make sure fsr fake res adds the resolution to the resolution list
  • patches: fix issue with WINE_FULLSCREEN_FAKE_CURRENT_RES patch not being applied

  • Release GE-Proton7-24 · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom