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Gazpacho 0.6.5 has been released

Gazpacho is a PyGTK application that let you design the Graphical User Interface of your GTK+ programs.

Enhancements and fixes since 0.6.4:
- Object support to the signal editor
- Make widgets visible by default
- Copy/Paste naming improvements
- Updated translations (Rafael Villar Burke)
- Smaller toolbar by default
- Add a workspace widget, disabled by default (Johan, Havoc Pennington)
- Drag and drop from the palette
- Recent project bug fixes
- Major code refactoring and renaming
- Optimizations, especially running the test suite should be faster
- Bugs fixed (Gustavo Carneiro, Johan, Mattias)
#316574: External widgets problems..
#326009: Drag and drop doesn't always work from the palette
#326010: The dragged widget isn't selected after extending a box
#311649: SignalEditor: connect_object support
#314098: Actions and action groups aren't always saved
#315625: GtkToolbar: better property support in loader
#318528: GtkAction: properties are saved translated
#318601: Delete action isn't disabled after deleting a placeholder...
#321971: GtkDialog: buttons are sometimes lost
#326668: Recently used projects buggy
#326724: GtkWidget: visible should be default
#326989: Add a worktable widget
#327071: Allow using libraries without adaptors
#327115: Box: problems with deleting placeholders
#327849: Button: name is changed when adding a stock icon + crash
#327973: DnD: error when undoing a drag extend
#328669: IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor
#328670: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attri...
Gazpacho 0.6.5