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CentOS 3.3, based on Redhat Enterprise Linux Update 3, has been released for i386 and AMD64

This is a complete rebuild of all the updated packages that Red Hat has included in the SRPM's of their Enterprise Linux 3 Update 3.

The changed packages from update 3 are overlaid onto 3.1. This release includes a rebuilt anaconda and new boot kernels for the installer.

Known Problems:
OpenOffice does not function without openoffice.org-i18n installed. We believe this is NOT unique to centos but consistent with RHEL3U3 functionality.

On the ISO's, comps.rpm does not have the correct hdlists in place for cd support from redhat-config-packages. This should be fixed before long. However, it was not practical to re-roll the isos for this.

An updated comps package will be released which fixes this problem. In addition, a few errors in packages listed in the comps.xml file will be corrected.

yum: yum 2.0.8 did not know about the ia32e or nocona processors so it cannot install those kernels on x86_64 systems using those chips. A future version of yum will correct this.
Download (i386)
Download (AMD64)