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Bottles 51.12 have been released. Bottles is a program that lets you configure Wine environments to execute Windows applications.

The update includes minor typing changes, startup crash patches, an updated GNOME runtime, improved speed, Gamescope option arguments, bottle picker issues, and kgx Launch with terminal difficulties. It also fixes syntax warnings, misspelled media types, file filter difficulties, and adds TryExec to desktop items.

Bottles 51.12

What's Changed

  • Support d3d8 via dxvk
  • Removed @lru_cache decorator from the Paths class, plus minor typing fixes
  • Fixed crash on startup [ #3329]
  • Updated GNOME runtime in manifest
  • Moved chattr_f function to appropriate class
  • Improved performance by using case-fold for drive_c when available
  • Fixed Gamescope options arguments
  • Added option to skip checksum when installing dependencies [ #3278]
  • Fixed issue where bottles with spaces in name couldn't be run through bottle picker [ #3287]
  • Fixed issue where kgx Launch with terminal was not working [ #3289]
  • Repaired SyntaxWarning in (invalid escape sequence '\d') when starting bottles from CLI
  • Fixed misspelled media type (application/x-ms-dos-executable)
  • Switched to add_pattern from add_mime_type to resolve file filter issues on certain Linux distributions
  • Added TryExec to desktop entry

New Contributors

App/Game used to test this release

We are experimenting with this new thing in the release notes. Basically this is the app/game we used to test the new release.

  • Grand Theft Auto V via Epic Games Store

Full Changelog 51.11...51.12

Release 51.12 · bottlesdevs/Bottles