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A gzip security update has been released for Arch Linux to address an arbitrary command execution.

ASA-202204-7: gzip: arbitrary command execution

Arch Linux Security Advisory ASA-202204-7

Severity: High
Date : 2022-04-07
CVE-ID : CVE-2022-1271
Package : gzip
Type : arbitrary command execution
Remote : No
Link :


The package gzip before version 1.12-1 is vulnerable to arbitrary
command execution.


Upgrade to 1.12-1.

# pacman -Syu "gzip>=1.12-1"

The problem has been fixed upstream in version 1.12.




Malicious filenames with two or more newlines can make zgrep and xzgrep
to write to arbitrary files or (with a GNU sed extension) lead to
arbitrary code execution. The issue with the old code is that with
multiple newlines, the N-command will read the second line of input,
then the s-commands will be skipped because it's not the end of the
file yet, then a new sed cycle starts and the pattern space is printed
and emptied. So only the last line or two get escaped.


An attacker is able to provide malicious filenames to write to
arbitrary files or execute arbitrary commands on the affected host.