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Arch Linux GUI Zen Edition 2021.12, an experimental edition of Arch Linux GUI based on the Linux Zen kernel, Zsh shell, btrFS, Z standard compression, and Chaotic AUR Repository has been released.

Arch Linux GUI Zen Edition

NOTE: Internet Connection is required to install this edition

The ALG Zen edition differs from the Vanilla editions due to the inclusion of the following core components:

  1. The Linux Zen Kernel (Increased Responsiveness)
  2. Zsh as default shell
  3. btrFS as default File System (Automatic Partition Subvolumes: /, /home, /var/cache, /var/log)
  4. Z standard compression for ISO image (Lightning fast installation)
  5. Chaotic AUR Repository (Install AUR packages from terminal)


  • KDE Plasma 5 on LiveCD (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • Install Stock Desktop of Choice (with option for i3WM as well)
  • Install Applications of Choice (Browser, Multimedia, Developement, etc)
  • Network info copied over to future system (auth after reboot)
  • Network Managed for Xfce, MATE, LxQt (applet)
  • NVIDIA Driver Support
  • Multilib Enabled
  • PAMAC Software Center
  • SDDM default with Arch Linux Wallpaper
  • Tap-to-touch

Arch Linux GUI Zen Edition

Arch Linux GUI
Download archlinux-gui-zen-2021.12-x86_64.iso