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A new version of AppMan has been released with roll back support for applications. AppMan is a bash script capable of installing, updating, and uninstalling thousands of AppImage packages.

AppMan 4.4

AppMan 4.4 lets you roll back app versions!

I was asked about this feature a long time ago. You can now choose which version of the app (hosted on Github) you want to download instead of the installed one. You will be shown with a list that, by default, searches for the first 100 pages in of the main application's repository, you just need to choose a number and press ENTER. Usage:

appman --rollback ${PROGRAM}

Since this is the second version of AppMan in 24 hours (third if we count the work around AM), I remind you that it is now possible to quickly select snapshots from a menu (-o option). AppMan now is also available as support for AM to made apps work locally (command am --user).

I hope you can appreciate this work to the fullest, if it's been a couple of months since I touched the repository of "AM" except to correct the installation scripts when reported by you... AppMan was not touched for much more, being it based on AM.

As always, I redirect you to the main repository

Thanks for your support!

Release 4.4 · ivan-hc/AppMan