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Another update for the "AM" Application Manager, a database and solution for all AppImages and portable apps for GNU/Linux, has been released.

"AM" 7.1.1

Continuation of version 7.1 and other little improvements

Installation scripts that can build AppImage packages on the fly will each have their own dependencies to declare. If you come across one of these scripts, the installation module "" will check whether the second script (the one dedicated to building the app) requires specific dependencies, and if it is not installed, the installation will be aborted.

For example:

  • you want to install the APP1, that requires "tar"
  • also you want install the APP2, that requires "gcc"
  • you have "tar" installed, but "gcc" is not installed
  • only APP1 will be installed

Currently the list of possible optional dependencies for that kind of script includes:

arconvertgccglib-compile-schemasmaketar and unzip

NOTE, THEY ARE NOT "AM" DEPENDENCES, don't worry :wink:

This enhances new functionality available with version  7.1.

If you need to create installation scripts to build AppImages on the fly, let me know what are dependences they may need.

Please, reference to for the correct path of these scripts.

Also see the video examples from the previous release, now also available on the  README.

Release "AM" 7.1.1 · ivan-hc/AM