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Another update for the "AM" Application Manager, a database and solution for all AppImages and portable apps for GNU/Linux, has been released.

"AM" 7.1

The beauty of DIY: building AppImages on the fly, like an AUR package!

Creating installation scripts for AppImages on the fly (option "-t" or "template", preference 1) is even easier now.

The two functions, assembly and installation, have been divided into two separate scripts:

  1. the installation script, which is the same as the AppImages (option "-t", preference "zero") will only have to intercept the package version (necessary for updates) and install the ready-made AppImage;
  2. the "assembly" script (with ".sh" extension) will be downloaded by the installation script into the temporary "tmp" directory created at the start of the installation process, so as to be executed and independently build the AppImage, before delivering it to the installation script.

Release "AM" 7.1 · ivan-hc/AM