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A new version of AM, an application manager for AppImage packages, has been released. AM 6.16 includes various changes, such as removing the "jq" dependence from installation scripts, modules, and the main CLI, using new installation scripts for AppImage packages, and installing launchers by default under /usr/local/share/applications. Furthermore, the "" module now includes functions for managing applications from

"AM" 6.16 · ivan-hc/AM

Rewriting installation scripts, with one less dependency

  • Removed "jq" dependency, from installation scripts, modules and the main CLI
  • Use of new installation scripts for AppImage packages and other standalone apps
  • The new scripts will install application launchers no longer with the "AM-" suffix, but with the "-AM.desktop" extension, so you can list the launchers the way you want
  • New installation scripts for "AM" will install launchers in /usr/local/share/applications by default rather than as an alternative to /usr/share/applications

NOTE: converting all installation scripts to the new template is still in progress.

Older installation scripts are still using the "AM-" suffix in .desktop files and .desktop files will still use /usr/local/share as an alternative to /usr/share. Keep an eye out for changes in the section

Among other changes:

  • the "" module has dedicated functions to manage applications from ""
  • introduced new conditions for creating installation scripts based on ""
  • improved interaction with the "-t" option
  • added support for " torsocks" in the "" module
  • introduced new variable "$BINDIR" in modules, by  @Samueru-sama
  • improved version control and application types in "", by  @Samueru-sama
  • new installation script templates, by  @Samueru-sama
  • various improvements and bug fixes

Full Changelog 6.15.1...6.16

Release "AM" 6.16 · ivan-hc/AM