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AM 6.15.1 has been released. The new version offers various enhancements, including improved choices for showing installed programs, displaying script and executable binaries, and simplifying syntax in the "" module. Other modifications include upgrading the AppImage typology, resolving bugs, and making the "/opt/am/remove" script POSIX compliant.

"AM" 6.15.1

Improved the "-f" or "files" option for listing installed programs

  • Display the type of script (launcher/bash/dash/posix/awk/simple script) and executable binaries (static/dynamic) and improved the functions to identify the type of program, almost completely eliminating the number of apps identified as " other";
  • Improved and simplified syntax in the "" module.

Other changes

  • update AppImage typology in "-f" after sanboxing ("--sandbox" option), by  @Samueru-sama;
  • fixed crash that occurred when there is more than one dbus in /tmp for all future sandboxed AppImages ("--sandbox" option), by  @Samueru-sama;
  • fixed a bug that added the security patch several times to the "/opt/am/remove" file of "AM";
  • the "/opt/am/remove" script for new "AM" installations will be POSIX compatible, by  @Samueru-sama;
  • while I'm writing this, whe have 2108 installation scripts for the x86_64 architecture and another dozen to add is pending into an (for now still) open issue.

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Release "AM" 6.15.1 · ivan-hc/AM