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AM 6.15 provides enhancements and bugfixes, such as enabling sandboxing for AppImages, allowing users to select whether ~/.local/bin is in their $PATH, and enhancing the LibreOffice installation process. It also supports upgrading "LibreOffice" via the "zsync" and "versions comparison" techniques. Other updates include adding "--disable-sandbox" to "AM"/"AppMan," resolving difficulties with "-i" or "install," and refining new templates for archives and AppImages.

"AM" 6.15

Various improvements and bugfixes

Now option "-f" or "files" shows if Appimages are sandboxed or not

The AppImages for which the sandbox has been enabled will appear in the list with a symbol ":lock:" next to the type.

In case ~/.local/bin is not in $PATH, "AppMan" asks you if you wish to add it or not

Previously, AppMan applied the patch directly, giving ~/.local/bin the right priority. Now it is no longer necessary. The user will be able to choose if it is not available. By  @Samueru-sama

The installation script for LibreOffice has been improved with 12 references to choose

Also, allow "LibreOffice" to be updated with both "zsync" and "versions comparison" methods. This is important for users that have converted their AppImage to a Type3 one (option "nolibfuse").

Other changes

  • Implemented an option "--disable-sandbox" also in "AM"/"AppMan", by  @Samueru-sama
  • Fixed an issue with "-i" or "install", where failed installations where keeping move on
  • Fixed "update + conversion" for AppImages converted from Type2 to Type3 with the option "nolibfuse" , by  @Samueru-sama
  • Improved new templates for archives and AppImages, by  @Samueru-sama
  • the installation scripts now available for the x86_64 architecture are 2092, equal to approximately 2000 AppImage packages.

I hope I have not forgot anything.

What's Changed

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