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"AM" 6.14 provides more flexibility in sandbox permission selections. The command line now looks more like a "Flatseal" for AppImages, with additional XDG directories to choose from and better Bubblewrap compatibility for non-systemd systems. The project's goal is to expose the potential of AppImages, including their hidden aspects.

Release "AM" 6.14

Greater freedom in sandbox permission choices

@Samueru-sama's tireless work makes this command line look more and more like a "Flatseal" for AppImages:

  • Added more XDG directories to select;
  • Free choice of directories to authorize;
  • Improved Bubblewrap support via "Aisap" for non-systemd distributions.

Don't let the few commits fool you!

Making the most of the existence of AppImages as a software package format, extracting all the hidden characteristics from them, highlighting their potential... is the purpose for which this project was born!

Far too many developers have abandoned AppImage in favor of more "convenient" solutions to maintain, and far too many people have demonized AppImage packages, highlighting only taboos and defects that we, with this project, are trying to erase!

Sandboxing is one of them, and every improvement we make by supporting the AppImage format is a punch in the face of skeptics!

Full Changelog 6.13...6.14

Release "AM" 6.14 · ivan-hc/AM